Follow article feature to notify users of article content updates

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  • Nazir Kabbani

    our use case: we update an article relating to patches and fixes available for a specific version of our tools. we want the followers of the article to be notified whenever we put a new fix for that version (ie update the article)

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for adding your use case, Nazir! I think the workaround here would be to add a comment as well, and then you could delete that comment if you want to avoid clutter in your comment section.

  • Katie

    Hi Dave Dyson - since you're with Zendesk, could we have an update on if/when a feature to satisfy this request will be implemented, or if it is something that will never be implemented? It's been nearly 7 years since it was first requested. And 10 months since I asked if we could have an update, with no response from anyone at Zendesk.

    My Zendesk account manager tells me to use the community boards to talk about the problems we're experiencing but I don't see much value in doing that if longstanding feature requests are never implemented.

    Thank you!

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Katie -

    I have reached out to the product manager for this area for an update on this request.

    I also wanted to let you know that we're aware that responsiveness in the product feedback forums has been pretty sub-par for the last several years, and that we are rolling out new processes with our product teams around making sure these requests don't go on so long and that they receive updates more frequently going forward. They aren't in place just yet, but things should get better over the next couple of months.

  • Mary Paez

    Do we know the answer to this question?  If an article is updated, will it send out a notification so our customers will know about it?


    Use case:  We have a configuration document that is updated quarterly by attaching an updated PDF.  in addition, we add new videos to explain new features.  The article will sit there for a number of years with periodic updates.

  • elexhaji

    We put our documentation online, and whenever we add something new to our APIs, we usually updated existing articles, and would really like to notify our end-users with these additions, as the majority of our changes are brought to us directly from our customers, so it's highly relevant.

  • Michael Maoz

    We use the feature to manage customer feature requests and to notify when a feature requested is released.

    If customers would receive a notification when I update the article that would make the process much more efficient.

    I must admit I don't understand what other use would there be to follow an article? The first thing that comes in mind is that the follower is updated when the article is updated

  • Victoria Dvornikova


    For some types of articles it would be really useful to allow (maybe by specific setting, not as a default) to notify customers about article updates. 


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