Add end-user as CC via Trigger or Automation

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  • Jeff Guyette

    Thanks, Kristin!  I appreciate the update and really look forward to additional updates from you regarding your teams progress on this as you resume your research into it.

    Many others within this thread have mentioned that they suspected the reason Zendesk wasn't pursuing this feature might have to do with the use of the "Light agent" functionality. However, I don't see the two as directly linked. Having been subscribed to this thread for many years now, I've read the descriptions of desired use by countless administrators, and when taking those into consideration, along with our own needs, I think it's safe to say that the ability to auto-CC an end-user on an individual ticket is not really the same thing as providing someone Light Agent access.  

    Having been subscribed to this thread for many years now, I've read the descriptions of desired use by countless administrators, and when taking those into consideration, along with our own needs, I think it's safe to say that the ability to auto-CC an end-user on an individual ticket is not really the same thing as providing someone Light Agent access.  

    I sincerely hope that your team will come up with a simple and effective solution which will allow those many of us seeking this feature the ability to do what we are looking for, without the clunky workarounds, and without any intrusion to your agent licensing either.  

    Thanks again!

  • Avi Warner

    @Bruno, it's a one time cost that goes to buying me a coffee every once in a while :)

    @Jeff / @Steve / @Greg thanks for the shoutout, glad the app is working for you.

  • John Witt

    I'll admit I have not read all the replies, but I came up with a kludge that works and adds CC emails if you have access (not sure what subscription level uses Notify Targets).

    - Go to Admin; Settings; Extensions.

    - Create a new HTTP target.

    - URL:{{}}.json

    - Method: PUT

    - Content Type: JSON

    - Enable basic authentication. I use my username/password (password is hidden) but I have not tried using an API token instead. I don't think admin is needed and though the user access was enough, but it failed without this.

    - Click "Update Target" at bottom right and submit.

    Now create a trigger with your required parameters and for actions choose "Notify Target" using the target you created above. For the JSON add the following:


       "request": {
            "email_ccs": [
                { "user_email": "","action": "put"},

                { "user_email": "","action": "put"}


    You can add more CCs, but remember if you have just one to remove that comma.

    I'd recommend you do step-testing first. For example, replace the {{}} with a real ID and instead of update use "Test Target" and paste your JSON. Look at the result and make sure the email CC is updated and then check the ticket CC to ensure the API PUT is working. If that works works, "Update Target" and create a Trigger that updates that Ticket, this time with a different email address to ensure the Trigger is running the API PUT. If that works, update the target back to {{}} and update your Trigger back to the correct parameters and emails addresses.


  • Reine Berg

    Unbelievable, a suggestion that is "live" after more than 10 years...
    How can this NOT have been solved?

    I mean this is not "rocket science"

    Example: Trigger if Organization is "Acme Co" and Priority is more than Normal, then "Add CC" - specifying an end-user email address.  This would allow the organization's primary contact stay in the loop about what their employees have requested.

    (and yes I know the workaround with e-mail target).


    Zendesk... Update please...🙄

  • Darren Bell

    I've been trying to figure out a solution to this and ended up here. I just want to automate adding end users as a CC to tickets....

    Very sad to see this has been a request for ten 16 pages of comments later I am adding my desire for this feature to be added too. Probably a waste of 3 minutes of my life but hey-ho!.


  • Wolf Hilbl

    Any updates on this?

    The function is basically there... just filtered for Agents. 
    Please just go that final step. 

  • Rob Wentz

    I don't like being "that guy" ... but I've had enough of this. 

    I'm really become disenfranchised by the lack of movement on zendesk's part to implement this feature that has been requested and upvoted for over a decade.

    This and the extremely slow response we've experienced to support requests has us questioning our decision to rely on zendesk for our ticketing system for our multi-million dollar company.

    We certainly are not seeing a high level of performance from zendesk - Based on the official responses to this thread alone, zendesk is a half baked homermobile that relies on third party work arounds. 

    @Kristen Mirenda  What happened to the "limited beta" released in 2018 that "will lay the groundwork for this feature." ?? 

    This is infuriating. I've sat through countless hours of new feature demonstrations over the past 3 years and have asked for this feature every time - in many cases I was promised that the feature has been implemented or was around the corner, "being worked on"... I'm really done with this. Zendesk seems completely out of touch.  

    For all those posting workaround "solutions"  -- I admire and appreciate the attempt at assisting other users. Jhoan Zabala - the "solution" you posted does not work here. Neither have the myriad of other suggestions several others have posted. Many of them rely on additional subscriptions or third party plugins.

    The ability to set a trigger to CC NON-agents is a feature that should exist out of the box. "lay the groundwork for this feature" ??  the groundwork is already there - you can set a trigger to cc agents... how can it be so complicated to add the ability to cc NON agents?


  • Alejandro Colon

    Nicole Saunders

    Can we get an update on this?

    It has been 2 years since an official update from Zendesk.

  • Philippe Balogh

    Kristen Mirenda, a Zendesk Product Manager stated in 2018, that she's officially removing the "Planned" label to avoid confusion. Nevertheless this thread will celebrate its 11th anniversary in two months from now. Maybe there is already the possibility to get a certificate in the Guinness Book of World Records.

  • Toan

    This would be a very useful feature.  The workaround of notifying a target by email has a flaw: if that target replies to a given ticket, it'll open a new ticket each time instead of allowing them to add a comment as it would for the requester or an agent.

  • Scott Stanford

    Shoot.  I was really hoping to be able to CC non-agents (e.g., people who just need to be kept abreast of what is going on, but don't need to participate on an agent level).  Any chance this will get extended to non-agents?  I'm currently having to notify email targets, but that's more trouble to maintain.

  • Steve Szabo

    Hmmm - the topic suggests that its "planned", if that is the case, is there an ETA of when we can expect this to be included in Zendesk?

  • Chris Fawley

    Hi Deepa, I'm very confused by your statement.  You had said:

    To clarify, what is being planned is the ability for end-users to CC's others via Help Centres "submit a request" web form, and also subscribe to organisation tickets in "My activities". Which should cover some of the use cases mentioned in this thread. It does not include agents adding end-users CCs via triggers and automations.

    The heading of this post is "ADD END-USER AS CC VIA TRIGGER OR AUTOMATION"

    Here is also the description of what it says is planned:

    Desired functionality: a way to automatically add a CC to tickets that match a certain condition.

    Example: Trigger if Organization is "Acme Co" and Priority is more than Normal, then "Add CC" - specifying an end-user email address.  This would allow the organization's primary contact stay in the loop about what their employees have requested.

    Your post has me confused and I'm wondering if you put it on the wrong forum as it doesn't line up with the heading or description of what people need at all.

  • Mike


    After all these years and so many customers requesting the same thing I am appalled to hear that you are only "re-reviewing" the request to add CC's via triggers.

    We are now at a point where we have started looking at other help desk solutions to replace Zendesk as the "Adding CC's via triggers" is that critical to us.

    Surely since so many of your customers are asking for this functionality it's time for you to actually start doing rather than just "reviewing" what we are all demanding?

    Adding a field into which we type an email address rather than having a drop down list really can't be that difficult to implement, I've been a web op's techie for many years now and can think of many ways that this could be implemented easily,

    It's time to act and not just sit back and take the cash.

  • Jeff Guyette


    Coming up on year SIX of this request, and still nothing.  Nada. Zip. Zilch.

    Hey ZD PM.... how about an update on this.


  • Paul French

    Adding a note here as it may have been missed in this long thread, so for those who don't know, it is possible to add CC if the CC is an agent or light agent. So for product managers/account managers within the company its possible on Enterprise to set them as light agents and add them.

    We achieved this with custom organisation field and mapping.

    The real issue is adding a 3rd party/external contact as CC which is the request.

    Sadly, other platforms can offer this, hoping Zendesk can raise priority of this feature

  • Taras Savchuk

    The only thing I can think about is making a new ticket on this topic to Zendesk's support on a daily basis. If Zendesk can't communicate in forums let's touch their support balls.

  • Thomas Whipps

    @Jake Holman - That solution would work for my case in particular if I could select "...And add comments" for individual end-users.  I don't want or need everyone in the org to be able to see and comment on all tickets.

    If I could do this on a per user basis, then the "add end-user to CC" trigger would be unneeded for us.

  • Brian Gibson

    My needs:

    Ability to add an end-user cc via trigger.  for me, this doesnt need to be an open text field, it would be nice, not necessary.  Instead, i just need to be able to select an email from my customer base. 

    I need to be able to automatically add a cc from the customer base, when certain terms are met such as: Org 1 wants their CTO to be cc'd on any tickets that are urgent priority.


    When Organization = Org1


    Priority > high


    add cc - important end-user of company


    This is a huge request from our customer base


  • CloudBringersSupport

    I'm 100% on board with Zach's comments. I am extremely confused why as an agent I can manually add a CC to anyone without issue, yet the same functionality cannot be added via a trigger. There are many cases where I want to send an email to someone who will never under any circumstances qualify as a user. 

  • Taras Savchuk


    What about addressing possibility to automaticaly CC end user on some _subset_ of organization's tickets? For example, 3 our simple live cases:

    1. End user wants to be CC'ed on all tickets from live persons but not from monitoring (yes, we push notifications from Zabbix directly to Zendesk).
    2. End user wants to be CC'ed on each organization's ticket form live person or monitoring with urgency > "High".
    3. End user wants to be CC'ed on each organization's ticket with some sort of SLA violation (i.e. response time or something other).

    I think you're overthinking yourself. Just add posibility to CC end user in triggers/automations and we are done and happy. Some sort of hierarchy in organizations is absolutely another feature not related to CCing direcly. I can say more - the feature (auto CC end user) is needed only in 1/10th of customers maximum, so don't be afraid of high load or great volume of new triggers. And don't treat us (your customers), please, as stupid, don't try to sell us completely different feature as solution for long standing CC problem.

    Sorry for some sharp words and with fading hope for understanding.

    P.S. Re-read the topic title -

    Add end-user as CC via Trigger or Automation

     - this is all we need.

  • Taters Enterprises Inc.



    Is this thread still active?


    Its already 2016 and I found no features like this up to now.

    so sad.


    Everyone needs this feature.


  • Ron McClung

    I need this functionality badly!  I am making email groups agents just to email certain groups and that's costing us.  I need to be able to notify certain groups of certain actions the HD takes without having to pay for a non-existent agent.

  • Tobias Braun

    Wow thats really a shame. Zendesk this really sucks! We pay ALOT of money for your product and i think this is going to end soon.

  • Tom

    Chiming in as another customer that NEEDS this functionality. 

  • Mark Fisker

    Would like this functionality as well, would error proof the cc process and would really help with customer service. Even Zendesk's internal employees want this feature! Come on Zendesk, you can do it!

  • Nik Mithani

    This thread has been open since 2009. I'm frankly astonished that Zendesk does not have the means to add CC's to a ticket as a trigger.

  • Mart Hough

    I see an opportunity here for a plugin! I have no coding knowhow but surely someone can make some $$ with this opportunity.

    I'd PAY for this fesature..


  • James Ryan

    Based on my interactions with Zendesk support regarding this issue, I suspect that Zendesk is refusing to implement this feature because they feel that anyone who should be CC'ed on a ticket should be an agent, and therefore you should buy a license for that person. If Zendesk allowed us to CC anyone we wanted on tickets, and then anyone who is CCed on a ticket could contribute to that ticket, that could be used as a "backdoor" way to allow additional agents to use the platform without paying for licenses. Of course, even if you did this, you still couldn't assign tickets to those users and those users wouldn't have any of the other functionality of normal agents, but I believe this is Zendesk's thinking on this issue.

    This is all speculation on my part. However, it would be so trivial for them (technically) to implement this feature, it's hard to believe that the reason they haven't done it is technical.

  • James Ryan

    I agree @Matthew Foval. It's absolutely ridiculous how long Zendesk has dragged their feet on this. 360 comments, almost 340 votes and 7+ years later.... and nothing.


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