Enable custom ticket field columns to be added to the request table in Help Center my activities page

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  • Michael Johannessen

    I'm waiting for a solution to, but as i read until now, there ain't no real solution!



  • Jake Edwards

    Waiting for an update also...

    I can see the Help Center Request List "table iterator", but none of the custom fields (e.g. ticket.ticket_field_00000) are available to use...

    Unfortunately the request object is really limited in this regard... https://developer.zendesk.com/apps/docs/help-center-templates/objects#request-object

    The request object needs custom_fields added to be usable in the table, e.g. custom_fields.<field id>.title and custom_fields.<field id>.value.

  • Delphine Pechereau

    Hi, could it possible to remove the asker's name in the columns of "My activities".

  • Christian Colding

    Hi Delphine,

    Note that this takes some HTML and CSS knowledge to change.

    You certainly can by editing the theme under Customize design > Edit theme > Requests list page. There you need to find the Curlybars component that shows the requester name, most likely {{requester}}. Try to remove that and click the Preview button at the top to see if it removes the column. You might need to remove the table header as well.


  • Chris Cox

    Hi Zendesk,

    Is there any movement on this?  It would be very useful to extend the request object such that custom fields can be listed in the request list table

  • Tom Browning

    Also could do with this adding! As per the above, I can see how it would be done in the theme, but the {{request}} object only exposes a very limited number of properties...

    Is there any time frame for new properties to be exposed? If so which should we expect?

  • Nejc Landeker

    +1 for that, we would need this as we use custom priority names and cannot display them to end users in request list view.

  • Jake Edwards

    It'd be nice if at least all the object properties on the Request page object was available under the Request list page (e.g. assignee).

  • BrianCoppola

    +1 - we require custom fields to be visible to the Request List Page and Request page for our customers to respond to tickets properly.

    After reading every post out there on this subject, it seems like think most users are ok with adding custom fields to the Request List and Request Page objects so we can edit the theme directly.

    Alternatively it might be nice to give admin control for the default Request List Page similar to the Request Page. (i.e. - a "check box" which displays the field). Noted there may be limits to fit within the default page dimensions.

  • Jake Edwards

    I'm not sure why Zendesk went to all the effort of revolutionizing the template system, but then nerfed the amount of fields that could be used. Surely the hard work is mostly done -- just add the fields?

    Happy editing the help centre template, or using a checkbox to display.

  • Chris Kirby (sirkirby)

    It makes no sense at all. The activity details contains the ticket object, but we can't access any of that data on the grid. Zendesk provides zero assistance in helping to figure out a workaround as well...other than "use the api". Sure, we could build our own portal with the API, but then what is the point of having a customizable portal at all? We've even reached out to other companies that use Zendesk, who seem to have customized this area, but that has been a dead end as well.

    I do know they are aware of this request and are watching the amount of votes that it gets...but they have no immediate plans to implement it, according to their support.

  • Rian Willems


    We would like to use some custom fields in our ticket request page from our customers. 

    I hope it will be built in soon. 


  • Steve Thompson


    Definitely a necessary feature for supporting large corporations as well as being able to sort by a field in My Activities.

  • Viorica Pop


    Definitely needed !!!! 

  • Adrian Bell

    Agreed - I'm really hoping this feature can be added soon. For us, this is needed for end-users who can view all tickets associated with their organisation. We allocate each ticket to a project code. This would allow them to view all open tickets associated with a particular project (rather than drilling in to each one).  

  • Remco

    Good point Adrian, we receive the same question from our customers. We do releases very often. Releases are built out of a collection of tickets. We would like to have an option to show all involved tickets of a specific release. At the moment are working around this by using prefixes in the ticket title, for instance "REL003 / Increase the size of table A". It does the job but looks a bit clumsy.. 

  • Izzy Amado


    Pretty please let us add custom fields to the "My Activities" page. All of the "canned" items are great, but I don't think I've ever setup a Zendesk instance that didn't have a custom field that was relevant to the customer.

    The idea of "they can click on the ticket" and see the custom field is a true statement, but end-user's want as much information as they can get at a glance.

    Looking a the request page's code, custom fields are just part of the {{request-form}} placeholder, which I'm guessing on the back end is a compilation of ticket field id's and formatting. Why not have placeholders by ticket field id? i.e.:


    Thank you for the consideration on this.


  • Matt Pilcer

    I to would like to understand how to do this. I assume its not possible to just update the CSS with the ID of the custom field. Has anyone gotten that to work? 

  • Jake Edwards

    @Matt, nah, it doens't work :(
    See my earlier post from Jan 20. The request object is limited.

  • Jay Kelly

    one day, we sit and hope

  • +1 for this feature. It would help a lot to give customers better insight in their tickets.

  • Liz Zucco

    This has been open for 2 years. Are there any plans on Zendesk's side to change this? This would really improve our experience with Zendesk and our clients. 

  • Hi Liz, I've understood this request is still on the roadmap but with no timeline defined.

  • Vinod Narayanan

    We need to enable Customization options for the end users. Please do enable it.




  • Lars Morten Nygaard

    The lack of understanding from Zendesk on this issue is not acceptable. Without proper reporting capabilities for our corporate customers, Zendesk is just not the right platform for our needs. We will have to look for alternatives.

  • Robin

    Adding my + 1 to this feature. 

  • Aristarkh Mamaev

    Adding +1 too, but...

    Will this feature released some day, or not?

  • Baptiste Gaillard

    Hi, we posted a comment to indicate we needed this feature one year ago but it has not been implemented since. 

    Perhaps this issue has not enough votes and has a too low priority in the Zendesk team (https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/200132066-Product-feedback?page=1&sort_by=votes#posts). 

    So to increase the priority of this task perhaps each person who added a comment could ask its team members to add additional votes ?


  • Izzy Amado

    Please vote! Would help get this up the "priority" list for ZD dev guys :)

  • David Lindner

    This is a deal breaker... Please add custom field functionality!


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