Enable custom ticket field columns to be added to the request table in Help Center my activities page

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  • Eduard Ogay

    Just OMG

    i look this post and see more 5 years this problem!

    we leaved 1 month ago from Zoho because Zoho have not customize field in help center.
    And i see here this same problem, what it never will fixed :(

  • Deepa Daniels


    Thank you very much for your responses. Due to the volume of responses, I won’t be able to schedule interviews with anybody that responds after the July 17, 2015.

    Instead of closing the form, I will leave it open so you can continue to share your biggest issues with us. For those of you I am unable to contact for interviews I will try and get in touch with you for validation.  

    Thanks again for taking time to share your feedback! 

    * * * 

    Hi there,

    We are doing customer interviews to better understand the issues your end-users are facing with requests on Help Center, and how those issues impact ticket deflection and usability. We are specifically looking at “submit a request”and “my activities”

    If you would like to have a 30 minute chat with me to share your use case, please put your name and contact information in the form and I will be in touch to schedule a meeting.


  • Remco

    Great to see you guys are working on this one. Just Googled for 'display more fields help center zendesk' and that pointed me into this direction. (https://www.google.nl/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=display+more+fields+help+center+zendesk)

    It would be great to make the helpcenter more flexible. We also have (active) customers that need more options. In our case a customer works with releases. Some issues belong to release January and some other to June. A customer would like to see the possibility to filter on this kind of issues. Or filtering on impact, complexity, keywords and so on.

    My idea would be like doing this by making default and custom fields available in the HC so you can search for it or order by it. Or the ability to use dropdowns and checkboxes. The feedback I just received from a customer was: "the helpcenter looks like a large box of issues without any ways of filtering, categories or other type of workflow-insights". I had to agree. 

    So therefore; my upvote for this one. I am happy to read the message of Deepa, right above here. Keep up the good work!

  • Remco

    After a brief contact with some customers, I came to another insight that I would like to mention. 

    Customers would like to have the option to devide issues in some kind of 'folders', for instance a folder for 'previous release', 'current release', 'upcoming release' and 'incidents'. Customers would like to be able to create like 30 tickets and devide them into specific categories. This gives them the possibility to arrange and rank their work. So per ticket they need some kind of dropdownbox that gives them the opportunity to place their ticket in a specific category. 

    Now I also see the Deepa's message, saying "In the meantime, you are welcome to share more details about your issues via this form.  http://goo.gl/forms/WU1gl5NChz". I will place my messages in that form also.

    Thanks guys!

  • Delphine Pechereau

    Hi, could it possible to remove the asker's name in the columns of "My activities".

  • Christian Colding

    Hi Delphine,

    Note that this takes some HTML and CSS knowledge to change.

    You certainly can by editing the theme under Customize design > Edit theme > Requests list page. There you need to find the Curlybars component that shows the requester name, most likely {{requester}}. Try to remove that and click the Preview button at the top to see if it removes the column. You might need to remove the table header as well.


  • Chris Cox

    Hi Zendesk,

    Is there any movement on this?  It would be very useful to extend the request object such that custom fields can be listed in the request list table

  • Tom Browning

    Also could do with this adding! As per the above, I can see how it would be done in the theme, but the {{request}} object only exposes a very limited number of properties...

    Is there any time frame for new properties to be exposed? If so which should we expect?

  • Nejc Landeker

    +1 for that, we would need this as we use custom priority names and cannot display them to end users in request list view.

  • Jake Edwards

    It'd be nice if at least all the object properties on the Request page object was available under the Request list page (e.g. assignee).

  • Rian Willems


    We would like to use some custom fields in our ticket request page from our customers. 

    I hope it will be built in soon. 


  • Viorica Pop


    Definitely needed !!!! 

  • Remco

    Good point Adrian, we receive the same question from our customers. We do releases very often. Releases are built out of a collection of tickets. We would like to have an option to show all involved tickets of a specific release. At the moment are working around this by using prefixes in the ticket title, for instance "REL003 / Increase the size of table A". It does the job but looks a bit clumsy.. 

  • Matt Pilcer

    I to would like to understand how to do this. I assume its not possible to just update the CSS with the ID of the custom field. Has anyone gotten that to work? 

  • Jake Edwards

    @Matt, nah, it doens't work :(
    See my earlier post from Jan 20. The request object is limited.

  • Jay Kelly

    one day, we sit and hope

  • Martijn Snels - pluscloud.nl

    +1 for this feature. It would help a lot to give customers better insight in their tickets.

  • Liz Zucco

    This has been open for 2 years. Are there any plans on Zendesk's side to change this? This would really improve our experience with Zendesk and our clients. 

  • Vinod Narayanan

    We need to enable Customization options for the end users. Please do enable it.




  • Lars Morten Nygaard

    The lack of understanding from Zendesk on this issue is not acceptable. Without proper reporting capabilities for our corporate customers, Zendesk is just not the right platform for our needs. We will have to look for alternatives.

  • Robin

    Adding my + 1 to this feature. 

  • Andrea Sorcinelli

    We are trying Zendesk during our trial, and being able to add custom ticket fields to the help center is crucial for us, too. Things like this will probably affect our final decision about becoming customers or not. 

  • Mike Hamann

    Don't hold your breath they will ever do this.  I asked in February 2015, it is still not even on the roadmap.  I also don't believe Zendesk even reads these posts, because if they did they would have done the enhancement already.

  • Cindy Glackin

    Was anyone able to get Regan's solution to work with a custom field? I tried but was unsuccessful.

  • Hi Cindy, Regan's solution only works for existing Zendesk system fields and doesn't work with custom fields at the moment.

  • Ady Harold

    Hi @James, I had a bit more of a play with it today, and it feels like a bug in the API. The sort_by value of priority does exist in the API documentation, but within the context of search, rather than this. 

  • SPORT 24 IT

    +1 this feature is really needed !

  • Pascal Turmel

    + 1 - Taken the lack of other "Status" to differentiate say a defect from a normal incident, I thought a solution via displaying a custom field indicating the type of issue faced would help, but the inability to do so is very restrictive indeed

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi M.A. - 

    You can see recent releases in the Product Announcements section of the Knowledge Base. 

    We do not have a publicly available list of features in the pipeline. 

  • Jake Donovan

    I keep getting an error that ID doesn't exist with the exact code.... Any thoughts? 



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