Ability to prohibit merging of tickets across organizations

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  • Montana
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    Upvoted as well - For our use case, we request three features to assist with merging across different requesters/orgs, etc: 

    1. As is echoed in this thread, it should not be possible to merge tickets across brands, or at least there should be a warning. Brand integrity is critical to our business, just as org/requester integrity is critical to privacy. 
    2. If that is too complicated to build, can we at least be able to configure whether you want the requester to see the merge by default. It automatically checks the box to allow the requester to see the merge as a public comment, creating the notification. If this simple feature was configurable to not default to sending an email, then an erroneous merge would at least not alert the customer and the agent wouldn't have to make two clicks in order to merge.
  • Guv
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    I would also request that inter-organisation merging is restricted, toggle if needed. This has caused a huge issue for us so would like to have this functionality ASAP.

    Customers are asking for this as a MUST HAVE not a 'nice to have'. It is critical for security purposes.


    Zendesk - please provide your comments to this post.

  • Carlo
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    Added a +1

    I would agree this is definitely an issue that the Zendesk development Team needs to resolve as we have just had a problem with merging tickets which could have caused data sharing breach.

    It needs to be addressed with immediate urgency.


    tks, C


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