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  • Andrew J. Mills
    Community Moderator


    The below may help - it uses a tag to exclude firing more than once.

    See how this goes.



    Assignee is not -

    Hours since assigned > 24

    Hours since update > 24

    Tags does not contain assignee_reminder



    Add Tags assignee_reminder

    Email user - add your message


  • Adar Earon

    Thanks ! 

  • Adar Earon

     I put it to test and it does not work as I expects. 

    First, I needed to add status < pending . Otherwise it also checking on solved tickets that are still opened

    However ,I need to be able to apply that particular  automation only on tickets that yet to be answered at all. That include only description but no additional comments from an agent. 

    any idea how to achieve that ?

  • Andrew J. Mills
    Community Moderator

    Hello Arar,

    Adding that Status is good.  

    Maybe someone else can help to refine it.  You may have to refine your workflow to make it work nicely

    I would have thought that if the ticket was assigned to an agent more than 24 hours ago; and the agent hasn't made an update for more than 24 hours, then within a small margin of error, this automation should fire at the next automation run.

    This does presume that you assign with a public comment - otherwise if the ticket is unassigned for 24 hours, and is then assigned 'silently', then the automation will fire at the very next run.

    You may need to explain more about how your process works; how does a ticket get assigned to an agent?

    Your situation is probably a little different to ours.

    We do have an automation for any ticket that is open and hasnt been responded to by an agent for a certain period - however this can fire at any point in the support process, not just at the beginning.



  • Maria Tyrogalas


    I came across this and sorry to revive it.

    How is automation different to creating a Trigger? It seems that the original poster is wanting to set up an auto reply as the first response to emails received into the system.

    Nothing to do with status or ticket or ticket that hasn't been touched.

    Basically it's no different to an Out of Office response in Outlook.


    How is this auto response create via a Trigger or Automation?

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Maria,

    You'll want to take a look at the following article to get a better understanding of how automations/triggers are different: Automations vs. Triggers - When To Use What

    To sum it up, automations are time-based while triggers are event based. If you're wanting to send and update after a certain amount of time has passed on a ticket, then you'll use an automation. If you want a notification to be sent immediately after a ticket has been updated/created then you'll use a trigger.

    Hope this clears up any confusion!


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