Mitigate Auto-responder wars


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  • Brennan Valenzuela

    Sorry, I mean to say, "Does anyone have a more passive, non-knee jerk solution?" Something that you can set and forget.

  • Phil Holcombe


    This has been an occasional issue for us, but never frequent enough to justify time to find a permanent solution.

    One tip you could try out ...

    Change the trigger that responds to updates, and is causing the loop. This should set a tag on the ticket "autoresponded". It should send an email if that tag is not present. Create a new trigger that reacts to any update by an agent, that removes the autoresponded flag.

    This way, the customer will only receive the acknowledgment once, unless an agent has done something in the mean time. An alternative might be an automation that removes the tag if it's been more than 1 hour since the ticket was updated.

    I've not tested this, and possibly there are scenarios that make this behaviour less attractive. If you try it out, I'd love to hear how you get on. Let's hope someone else has a neater or tested solution.


  • Colin Piper

    As you say, "set and forget" and for a while I did forget how I deal with this. Most auto-replies are caught by the suspension filters but I do have one or two situations similar to what you describe. So I created a checkbox custom user field that i use to indicate that this customer should not receive an automated response on opening a ticket. I added a check for this to the trigger that sends the notification. 

    Strangely I do not see this when comment updates are made. Not quite sure why but if I did I would have to use something like Phil describes to overcome this.

  • Brennan Valenzuela

    Thank you Phil and Colin. Our suspended queue will catch a large portion of autoresponders, but enough trickle through for me to spend time on a working solution.

    I like the "autoresponded" flag suggestion and will give that a try :)

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

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