How to change vote text in Community

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  • Tal Admon
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    Hi Ola,

    Adding this code in the theme editor Article page will do the trick:

    $( document ).ready(function() {
    change_text = function(){
    str = $('.article-vote-label').html();
    str = str.replace('found this helpful','liked it');
    var ivl_count=0;
    ivl = setInterval(function(){
    if (++ivl_count === 40) {window.clearInterval(ivl);}

    There is no fully browser-compatible event that can catch span text change.

    Therefore, the solution I found is to use SetInterval function with very short interval (25ms) and long enough time to win the race of changing the text after zendesk modifies the label.

    The text may flicker once after you hit the vote button, but most often it won't.

    I hope that helps,


  • OT
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    Hi Tal

    Thank you so much!  I made a couple of changes to account for using a community post instead of an article, but it has worked perfectly.


  • Helen Kramer
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    Hi Tal,  
    I hope it is ok to add to this post.  On our Community Post page the arrows for voting do not render on the page.  You can hover them and the function works though.  I ran across this article and actually like the idea of Like and Dislike buttons better.  Would you mind guiding me with a little more detail on how to make this change?



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