Date based automation fires the day before expected

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  • Andrew J. Mills
    Community Moderator

    Could you use this automation in line with another?  Have this one add a tag and change some state of the ticket (on hold?), the next one check for the tag and status change for a specific period (changed to on hold > 4 hours ago etc.


    Check your time zone.  We had issues with date automations too, possibly the date picker is not responsive to the timezone.

  • Brenton Henry

    Hey Andrew,


    Thanks for your feedback. Stacking automations could work as a workaround, as it seems like it dependably runs at 6:02PM local time.

    I did check our timezone, and in our Sandbox is was off, but only by an hour. 

    We have business hours enabled, my only thought at this point is maybe it's running off that, so 6:00PM would be the first automation batch after our 5PM closing time which would be the "previous day", but then the timezones wouldn't add up. 

    I'm thinking if nothing obvious stuck out to you either, maybe my best route is to open up a support ticket, it's possible it's a bug. 

  • Andrew J. Mills
    Community Moderator

    Yup - if you are not on a starter plan - go ahead and open a support ticket!

    The task calendar was broken on our instance, but it's been fixed now - it was fixed by an instance specific workaround.

    Some relevent comments below - these may not relate to your issue - but are in the same ballpark.  You could quote our ticket 1098548

    Agent comment...

    It looks like this issue to related to the timezone that has been selected for your user account. When a due date is selected, it is set as 12:00 in your account's time zone on the selected day. But, apparently, the field will translate that field to your timezone, without respect to the account's timezone.

    So, when you set the date to 23rd, your account says "okay, 12pm on the 23rd!", but the UI sees your current time zone and translates that (+12 hours, even though the account is already +12 hours) to "12am on the 24th". If you take a look at the back end of the ticket object (via API), the due date is correct. It's just a matter of how it's being displayed to you.


    Agent comment...

    "Our developers have a fix available, if you'd like it. There's a side-effect where if you're using the API to set a specific time on the due date field, this will no longer work and the date will automatically be set to noon on your account's time zone."



  • Claire Miller
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hey there,

    It looks like you're already getting some help with this in a ticket! If you're able to, please post your findings here once you get things figured out! You've got a very interesting use case and I feel like this information could definitely benefit a number of other Zendesk users.


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