Trying to calculate age of untouched reassigned tickets

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    Joseph Black
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    Hi Christopher,

    There are a couple of different ways to approach this. To start off, within GoodData there isn't any way to view "current time," so you won't be able to view the status of tickets as they are in your account from within Insights. You can use the current date, but that's as close as it'll get in regards to metrics.

    Since we can't view the current time to see how long these tickets haven't been updated we'll have to do calculate it after the fact. You can look at something like a "Group B First Reply Time" to see how long it historically takes Group B to respond to tickets after they've been assigned to the group. In order to do that you'll need to leverage the events data model as discussed in this recipe article. While this is probably the best and most accurate way to find the data it can get a bit complicated if you're not familiar with MAQL.

    Perhaps an easier way to collect similar data would be to configure an automation that tags tickets after they've passed a certain time threshold after being escalated to Group B. Then you can simply report on that tag to find how many tickets didn't meet the given threshold. This won't give you time values but it's definitely a starting point.

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