"Requester can see this comment" default setting

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  • Brad Bilotta

    Not sure why we have to ask for a simple setting to be added over the course of 3+ years...I can't imagine the programming for this would take all that long.  Please consider as this would make the solution more customizable and flexible for anyone's use case.

  • Andrew Moskowitz

    Doesn't look like there's been much/any movement on this in 4 years, but Reddit would love to have this ability as well.

  • Traci Lamm

    Really need this option too!

  • Anna

    We'd love this at FutureLearn as well. We merge many tickets each day, and particularly with a COVID-related backlog we're not always able to get back to the user that same day. If we forget to uncheck the boxes we often end up with annoyed users, because they're getting emails about the ticket being merged before they get a response. Setting the default to unchecked feels like such a small thing but it causes a lot of frustration!

  • Daniel Savage

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