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    Erica Wass
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    HI: You can now add the Subject field to the Web Widget so I'm going to mark this as completed. Thanks for your feedback on this need!

  • Joel Hellman
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    Or could we get an native option to add a subject field? That is one customization that would we would like a lot. 

  • Erica Wass
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    Thanks for your feedback Maissa and Joel!

    We don't have immediate plans to add the Subject line field but are continuing to think about how we can enhance this aspect of the product. However, not to leave you hanging as well, we have seen a workaround that customers have considered for this purpose. 

    In addition, another thing that I have seen some customers do is to create a custom ticket field checkbox for "This is urgent" and include that in the Widget's contact form. I don't know if that would be useful for this purpose but thought I would mention it. 

  • Maïssa Benmiloud
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    According to me it's not relevant to offer this solution instead the logical answer that would be: having a subject field.


    You can use a checkbox in addition to it, but no as a replacement. That doesn't make sense at all. To me, that's a trick, not a longterm solution.


    Does anyone else have to deal with this and find a better solution?


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