Customize / Edit Ringtone for Incoming Calls and Keyboard Shortcuts for Voice

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  • Josh

    +1 for different ring tones

  • Brey Neville

    +1 for different ringtones.

  • Laura Farmer

    The current ringtone, when you are receiving calls 7 hours a day, has become a little irritating! The possibility of changing the incoming call tone would be fantastic :)

    Will this be at all possible?

    Many thanks



  • Simon Harris

    Please fix this. The current ringtone is FAR too quiet and it is often missed if the window isn't in focus.

    We can customise chat notifications but not telephone ones? At the very least please give it a normal telephone ringing noise!!! 

    Such simple things - WHY are they missed!??! 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Simon - 

    Things aren't missed, we just can't build everything that everyone asks for. We receive several hundred unique feedback requests every week, and can only build a handful each quarter. 

    I cannot speak to why this one in particular has not yet been prioritized, but we'll continue to collect feedback from users on it and will update here if and when it is something the team determines would be significantly impactful for a large number of users. 

  • Harrison Weiland

    It would be very helpful for us to have this feature. We have different inbound numbers that need to be answered in a certain priority. Having different audio alerts for each line would be hugely beneficial. 

  • Alex Lo

    Also agree that more customizability would be awesome.  Ring Tone/Volume

  • Kaylee

    another +1 for agent customization options for inbound calls - it's driving my team bonkers! 

  • Kevin Shields

    +9000 for basic customization options for calls. Volume control would be great so that when I'm enjoying the daily grind and listening to "Today" by The Smashing Pumpkins via Spotify and I'm tip-tap-typing away at some customer emails I don't immediately receive a full-body wave of depression as that intrusive, painful ringtone blasts into my skull. B'great.

  • Daniel Love

    +1 I am just introducing this system in to my team and the first thing they asked for was the ability to change the  Ringtone for Incoming Calls. This feels like such a simple feature. 

  • Meredith Fitzsimons


  • Estefany Solorzano

    Different ringtones please!!! Would like to change the sound I hear for the majority of my time 

  • Jenniffer Luzuriaga

    +1 for different ring tones

  • Laura Farmer

    Please can the ringtone be changed or an option to customise! It drives me mad when on the phone alllll day! 

  • Mathilda Bodin

    +1 for different ring tones. Please update!

  • Per Granqvist

    +1 for changing ringtones. If we add plusses for every year since this feature was introduced to the telephony market, we'd have quit a lot of upvotes ;)

  • Austin

    +15 bumps for this feature.
    The Agents in our organization would LOVE this option. I've personally answered over 25,230 zendesk voice calls over the last 4-5 years since ZenDesk introduced the Voice/Talk feature. 

    I can't exaggerate how many times my imagination has tried to convince me that I'm hearing the inbound ringtone in the back of my mind, even when it's outside of business hours! lol... I'm ashamed to admit that I've even heard it in my dreams. In MY DREAMS, ZenDesk! PLEASE, let us change it up, even if it was just a few alternate notification sounds, we could at the VERY LEAST, change it to hear something different for once.


    Customers have been asking ZenDesk for this feature since ZenDesk Talk/Voice's 2016 inception. I think it's time ZenDesk delivers!

  • Brandon R.

    Please, please add additional ringtones. The jarring sound of this same ringtone resonates with me during my off hours.

  • Petter Bjørhusdal-Oosterhof

    +1 for this feature, we have agents asking for this on a monthly basis. 

  • Laura Farmer

    A choice of ringtones, or just a  different one to the one i have been listening to for the last few years would be GREAT and very much appreciated! 

  • Hannah Hermosisima

    +1 for different ring tones, please! 

  • Esme

    +1 for different ringtones please. The default one is not pleasant at all

  • Martin Fricke


    I've been working with Zendesk for almost 5 years now and my whole team has been complaining about this for almost the same time. 

    Same reasons: they hear that tone in their dreams..

  • Jackson

    Honestly, I have no hope that this will ever be updated since it has been over 5 years since this was posted... But just putting it out there that many of us are still waiting for this and would love to see this very simple feature (changing the ringtone) implemented.

  • Ash

    Chat has different ringtones and volume settings.


    implementing for Talk must be cake walk.


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