Reset the "Did you find this helpful?" rating for revised articles

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  • Dennis Beltran

    Beyond resetting the votes, are there any plans to add an article feedback window for downvotes?

    I see other companies like Slack and Clio coded their own. I think Zendesk should build it natively. 

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Dennis,

    No plans as of yet to add this feedback window. Fortunately I was able to find a community tip that goes over setting this up using some custom code as you mentioned: Request feedback after negative article vote


    Let me know if you have any other questions :)

  • Dennis Beltran

    Thank you, Brett. 

    I still have yet to hear back from your Customer Advocacy team to troubleshoot our issues with labels not being factored into search results. Just wanted to follow up!

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Dennis,

    I can confirm your ticket has been generated and is currently assigned to our Customer Advocacy team here. Looks like they're dealing with a higher than normal ticket volume which would explain why you haven't received a response yet.

    They will follow-up with you as soon as they can to assist further with your search results.


  • Carlos Garcia

    Deleting or resetting votes is useful.  But how about the option to disable "Was this article helpful?" entirely?  We have no use for this at all on our Help Center; having this visible really does little more than deter some other users from reading an article that might have been helpful or useful to them but has been downvoted purely because it was not the answer other users wanted to see.

    It would be really great to be able to simply toggle this off like so many of the other features can be in Guide settings.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Carlos -

    If you're on Guide Professional or above, you can remove the "Was this article Helpful" voting by commenting it out in the code.

  • Tami Settergren

    I'd like this feature, too. 

    In the meantime, I'd like to use the API command that Brett pointed to:

    curl https://{subdomain}{id}.json \
      -v -u {email_address}:{password} -X DELETE

    What do I enter for "{id}.json"? I tried "115009336668/articles.json", where the number is the ID for an article, but it's not working. I get back "{"error":"InvalidEndpoint","description":"Not found"}*"

    I've successfully used other API commands, so the other variables in my command should be ok.

  • Holden Roy

    Hi there, I also think this feature would be helpful.

    We have some very negatively rated articles, I fear that this may impact how others vote on the article.

    We are doing substantial changes to test out brand new formats and things like this.

    Being able to reset the counter would give us an unbiased look at this particular version of the article's performance.

    Creating a new article isn't a solution since many different places in our ecosystem link to different articles.

    Anyhow, adding that would be cool. 

  • Jeremy Robinson

    We would see great benefits from being able to reset the vote counts as well. Because we are doing a major overhaul and reintroduction of our HC Knowledge Content(following KCS methodologies as well), visual upgrades and usability, and Community becoming generally available for a fall rollout to our customers, we want to start with a clean slate. Count Reset capabilities would prevent the need for using the following options we currently have:

    1. Hide it (not ideal) as it doesn't allow users to cast their vote and allow us to iterate, improve, and respond to feedback received. This is only beneficial if we have a very large and disproportionate amount of no votes compared to yes votes.  Hiding/archiving will allow us to go back to the drawing board if needed.

    2. Recreate the articles - The biggest flaws of this process are that we would have to recreate the content, which is a heavy manual task when you have hundreds of articles. Additionally, we then have to relink them to the appropriate categories/sections to maintain proper visibility. To cap it off, we then have to introduce a lot of JS redirects so that the old article URLs point to the new article pages, so that customers don't wind up at a 404 dead end or creating a support ticket because the link they had bookmarked for reuse is no longer accessible. 

  • Alexia Stemann Dahl Wolfhagen

    Once again, everything seems to be quite a hassle with Zendesk. Is there any reason not to give your users the option to reset votes?

    It's difficult to measure improvements in articles when they are already downvoted?

    Why not just create a new article? 
    Not an option, all old links, and macros referring to this article will break.  

    What is the gain for Zendesk to set up all sorts of limitations for your users, instead of listening to your community feedback? 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Alexia - 

    Thank you for sharing your feedback. The intention is never to set up limitations, however, it's impossible to build for every need and use-case when developing the product. 

    Product managers do follow these conversations, and take the feedback into account during roadmap planning cycles. If and when this request is determined to be high priority amongst all of the asks the team has received, we'll be sure to update you here. 

  • Sara Read

    +1 on this feature! This metric is useless after an article has been updated. My team would be happy with an API to do this; it doesn't necessarily need to be in-app.

  • Justin Dudek

    Would also appreciate this feature!

    If I'm forced to re-make an article, this disrupts any place we link to said article - including in our company mobile app, which our developers will never agree to update so regularly.

    Without this feature, now I'm forced to configure an entire web of 301/302 redirects so we can update just the Zendesk URL, without changing what our other properties reference as the redirect URL.

    Not at all convenient or time-saving, but I really want to know how our articles perform with each big update.

    +1 for this.



    Please consider prioritizing this feature. As a lone writer, I am beyond frustrated with this and many other limitations of the Guide UI. We cannot serve our customers well if you do not serve us well. Thank you.

  • Sally

    Please introduce this feature! 

    Like many have mentioned we consistently edit articles to improve them. 

    We can't re-create the articles as we'd need to edit the links which are embedded all over our apps, software and marketplace. 
    To be able to reset this on particular articles would be great so that you can better manage that articles performance. 



    To Sally's point above, it would also be tremendously helpful to know which articles are linked. At least, if I want to archive or delete an article, show a list of linked articles or that 0 articles are linked. 

  • Filiph Petzäll

    Im sorry but this is absolutely terrible, its been 3 years waiting and a grand total of absolute nothing has happened with this. When looking at the status of feedback suggestions here, you can see that stuff posted at a later date with less votes has been implemented but this basic feature -that quite frankly is expected to exist based on the whole idea of votes- is not even looked into?!
    Way to go not listening to your customers and cherrypicking in the feedback... Guess problems with taking actions on votes is not only a problem for your customers...

  • Laurence Clarke

    +1 please add this feature

  • Drew Martinez

    Upvoting everyone else's comment.

    Unfortunately, another simple request from the community seemingly being ignored by ZenDesk.

    Focus on making what you have better. Be better.


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