How to manage external escalation (by email)


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  • Phil Holcombe


    We achieve this workflow by having the customer ticket as an 'incident' associated with the external partner ticket as the linked 'problem' ticket.

    This allows us to have more than one customer ticket associated with the same escalation.

    If you really want the same ticket to include all information, you could maybe change the trigger that notifies your customer of any update to the ticket, to only do so if certain criteria are met, e.g. comment text doesn't contain certain value that you only use for notes with the external partner.




    Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform.

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Phil! Thanks for weighing in on this!

    I haven't seen you around the Community in a's good to have you back. :)

  • Mindaugas Verkys

    Hi Andrew,

    We updating our Sales department via email.
    Extensions>>add Email Target

    Macro with add tag: escalate_sales
    or Ticket Field checkbox: Escalate to Sales (tag:escalate_sales)

    Trigger with condition:
    Tag contains=escalate_sales
    Tag doesn't contain=escalated_sales
    Notify target>>
    Hi Sales,
    We have new client request:

    Requester name: {{}}
    Requester email: {{}}
    Ticket content:
    Add tags: escalated_sales


  • Andrew Horton


    Oh gosh, this really is the waking of an old thread.... turned out getting product out and making sales took priority over the last few months. Now support hoves back into view.

    I would like to ask a bit more detail about the escalation ticket (the problem): How do you use that ticket? Who is the reqeuster of the problem ticket - your support operative? or the partner to whom you are escalating? Do you send emails direct to the escalation partner and then copy/paste them as private notes in the problem ticket?

    Or do you open the ticket with the partner as the requester and use public updates to send "emails" to the partner? I guess if you are doing this you would have to spend time educating them as to why they are getting automated support emails when they did not ask for help? (you are asking them for help)

    Interested to hear...

  • Phil Holcombe



    We open the ticket with the supplier ( could be partner ) as the requester. Public comments produce emails, as you indicated. 

    We don't really have a problem educating them. The emails your'e referring to are only 'support emails' if that is how you've set up the trigger that sends them. You can have whatever text in there you like. You could either do that with separate triggers ( checking on the group ), or the same trigger, using some liquid wizardry to adjust the email, depending on the group.

    Does that clarify?



  • Andrew Horton

    Indeed it does. That is very helpful indeed. I am going to play with setting this up now. As you suggest, using group membership or some sort of tag should help drive a rule to populate the "support" email.


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