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  • Ryan McGrew
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thanks for the feedback Steve!

    We've talked about a wider use of article templates internally. Would love to hear more about how you'd use them outside the KC app.

  • Eitan Blumin

    We have a need for using templates outside the KC app as well.

    We plan on having several articles with the same structure, not based on existing tickets.

    One of those article types is what Zendesk already has as example KC templates (problem, symptom, solution or something like that). But we want to create a series of such articles in advance, instead of waiting for actual tickets.

  • Brad Marshall

    We would also love to see templates for articles. For example, we have "service disruption" and "release notes" articles that always follow the same layout and sections. Currently, we have to open a previously created article, copy the HTML, and the past it into the new article. Would be great to be able to create a draft article that we can then copy for every new article that we need to create.

  • Kirk Anderson

    I'd like to add interest in this topic. Our use case is slightly different, but could still benefit from templates.

    We recruit for several internships and programs within our company, and use the Guide to post articles about our application process. Each program we offer has various nuances, though, so we created header graphics to illustrate which program(s) a particular article applies to. I'd love to be able to create several templates with the various graphics so that my team can select a template and then write the needed article. Currently, the team must browse to a shared drive and identify the graphic that fits their article and proceed to upload into the article, and we are finding several team members forgetting to upload the header image altogether.

    Below is an example of the type of header image I'm looking to create templates for:

  • sakura.ticer

    I'd also like to have the ability to use a template when creating an article outside of tickets--the use cases are: Release Notes and feature Set-up Guides. Is anything available yet? If not, what is the suggested workaround?


  • Hillary Latham
    Community Moderator

    We also have a use case for this.  We are trying to build up internal only articles for reference by our agents (not for reference by customers) and we have different templates for explaining how to troubleshoot a specific bug vs how to troubleshoot generic issues in the software vs FYIs for recent customer communications or issues.  Often, we close tickets and go back and write articles later, so there is no ticket to link to the KC article - our agents just go straight to the guide.  It would be nice if we could have the KC templates available directly in the guide (it would also help agents have the visible and section already filled out).

  • Elizabeth Burke

    Hi Ryan, has there been any development in this area? My company just upgraded to Zendesk Enterprise and we would like to make templates that are editable to our agents in the Guide Admin. We would like it if they were to go to the section they wanted to add the article in, add an article, and then choose a template to follow. From there they could edit the text directly from the editor. Right now, they will have to copy and paste the HTML from a previous article and use that instead of a premade article. Is there something in the works for this?



  • Andy R

    Hey Zendesk, are you listening? 

  • Vanessa Darwin

    Hey Zendesk any update or information on this one as it's been open for nearly 2 years now :)


  • Kavita Warrier

    Team Zendesk,

    My team also is looking for an option to invoke templates from "Add" Article. Is there an update on this requirement.




  • Chloé Mauduit

    Dear Zendesk team,

    Our team is also interested in using article templates for Zendesk Guide, it would be great to have this feature.

    Do you have any update on this?

    Thank you,


  • Allison S.

    Same here! We would love to have templates for our different article types so that I can delegate some writing to my team with confidence that the articles they create will follow our brand voice guidelines! 

    REALLY WANT THIS! +100000 thumbs up

  • Riley

    I also need this. I have repeated types of announcement articles we created, and I want staff to be able to use a template for this.

  • Joe McPherson

    I'm in the same boat as everyone else.  We have a series of templates our support staff can leverage when creating knowledge articles from Knowledge Capture on the ticket, but you can't leverage them when creating knowledge outside a tickets. Pretty limiting if you want knowledge created from teams outside support.

    I'm interested in how people are working around this? So far the only option seems to be: "Currently, we have to open a previously created article, copy the HTML, and the past it into the new article. " 

    Has anyone found a more elegant way around this?  

  • Diego Garcia

    Hy Everyone.

    I had the same question, but I think I found the answer. 

    There are two types of templates.

    1. The templates that are used in the HC Knowledge Capture and that you create according to Guide-Professional-and-Enterprise-

    2. The theme templates, which unlike the previous ones, are edited through the theme code.

    The drop-down list when creating an article refers to the second, so it is not a content template. It is a template for editing the way an article is displayed in the help center.

    At the moment, our solution will be to create articles with editing restrictions and ask the writers to duplicate them.

  • Kristjan Praks


    We also recently asked about this from ZD live chat support, but all I got was basically "go create feature request".

    Our use case is pretty straightforward - there are many support articles we want to create before the questions come up through tickets (where the knowledge capture thing could be used). Because of the KC functionality, the template selection field is even already there. Why on earth can't they build this feature?

  • Samuel Mosher

    This would be beneficial to our team as well. It would be nice to maintain a repo of templates within Zendesk instead of having to keep a list in Google, etc. or copying another article. We have various bits of source code each article needs (and can't be put into a traditional article template, since it is part of the body) and it would save our agents time and confusion from trying to remember, or having to perform, the process each time a new article is created.

  • Sara Gardinier

    Hi all,

    Any movement on this?

    We have a need for using templates outside the knowledge capture app as well. We plan on having several articles with the same structure and these are articles that we would create in advance of getting tickets, like for a new product release or a feature change. 

  • Ryan McGrew
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey All,

    Thanks for the feedback here. We are currently full steam ahead on Content Blocks. While this doesn't directly answer the need for templates right now, it does introduce some underlying changes and ability to reuse content between articles. We intend to build better template support on top of this foundation, likely in 2022. 



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