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  • Danny Cohen
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    Thanks for the help everyone! I was able to manually find all the strings in all the languages enabled using the inspect tool in Chrome. 

    I was just hoping that there was a key for this phrase in the t (translation) helper for the Help Center. 

  • Nicolas Materne
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    Hello everyone,

    I would have liked to know if it was possible to add an element in the confirmation (for example a button, an img)?

    Thank you for your help !

  • Devan
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    Hello Nicolas,

    So this would be possible for you to accomplish but would require custom code development on your end via HTML. I'll include an article that beings to breakdown how to customize your Help Center outside of the base options included. 

    Let us know if there is anything else we can assist with and have a great day.

  • Sebastian
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    Is it possible to show your own success page? So rerouting not to the dashboard but to a new page telling the user everything is fine?
    We always had the problem that this small message on top was overseen by users. Now it's even worse. There is no message appearing at all anymore when the user is not logged in.
    I checked the sourcecode and found that the code is completely missing but instead, when I am logged in I see a small popup for some seconds. In grey. Which is even worse. Many will not see it.

    But the worst thing for now is that no message at all appears. Why is that? I noticed the popup code has some header:

     Greetings sourcecode lurker!

       This is for internal Zendesk and legacy usage,
       we don't support or guarantee any of these values
       so please don't build stuff on top of them.

    I think this code might be the reason that users do not receive a success message and send us multiple tickets at once.

    But we would like to make the success message better anyway.

  • Jonathan Brown
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    The original fix answered for changing CSS appears to be broken as of the past few days. 

    selector no longer works.

    Zendesk seem to have changed something with this notification for whatever reason.
    (i don't know why they're made changes effecting non coppenhagen default themes but whatever)
    suggest using this css selector instead:
  • Jessie
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    Hi Jonathan Brown , Is it possible to change the text only on submission of a specific form and not for all of them? i mean can i include form id in this

    if ($('span.notification-text:contains("successfully")').length > 0) {
    $('span.notification-text').text("{{dc 'DC-ITEM-NAME'}}");

    P.S the code suggested above isn't working.

  • Liam
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    Hi All,

    Is there a way to point the user to a specific page once they've filled out the form? Since Zendesk has changed the notification the customers often miss it or it doesn't appear at all, which means they just fill out another form.

  • Jonathan Brown
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    Hi Jessie

    Unfortunately not that I've found, at least not without more effort than you should have to put in.

    You could take the ticket id from the URL and do an api call to get the details of it and you'd know what form it came from .

    Liam, you can use the If statement Jessie just uses and instead of changing the color do:
    window.location.href = 'wherever/you/want/to/go'


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