Throwing out Bad CSAT Ratings for Insight Reports

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  • Ashish Sharma

    The agent, the manager (Service Delivery Manager) and the Customer Success Manager all get notified when there's a bad rating given. It captures the details of the client, the agent, and the comments from the client. We three then review it to determine whether the bad rating should be accepted or not. I even have a little template (macro) that I use (posted below for you) so that when it comes to performance review time I have a quick summary of whether it was rejected or not and why. Along with doing this, you could also add a tag to the tickets that you want to knock out of the data pool (ie csat_bad_rejected) and use that to filter your results, although you will have to do this before the ticket moves into a Closed state.


    Bad CSAT Rating Review Template: 

    • First Reply SLA: Achieved / Breached
    • Resolution SLA: Achieved / Breached
    • Regularly Updated: Yes / No (if you use or have Update SLA's, you could put that here instead).
    • Quality of information by agent: Poor / Good / Great / Amazing!
    • Client Engagement: Poor / Good / Great
    • Client Comments Justified: Yes / No
    • Revoke bad rating: Yes / No
    • Comments/Notes: 
  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for taking the time to share this Ashish!

  • Rositsa Pavlova


    I tried creating Query in Explore showing the number of rated chats and the Chat satisfaction score per agent. I added a filter excluding certain tag which was added into the chats which I want to remove from the report.

    However the result was not what I would expect. For example one agent has one chat with this tag. The report will show that he had 15 rated chats without the Filter and once I add the Filter, the number of rated chats will jump up to 34, and the score will remain the same.

    Also I was wondering if it is possible to add Calculated metric and modify the SUM(% Chat satisfaction score) and COUNT (Rated satisfaction chats), so they can exclude the chats with certain tag.

    Something like:

    D_COUNT(Good satisfaction chats)/D_COUNT((Rated satisfaction chats) less [chat tag], ''tag1'')


    IF ([Chat type - Unsorted]!="Offline Message" AND [Chat satisfaction rating]!=NULL) AND NOT INCLUDES_ANY([Ticket tags], "tag1")

    THEN [Chat ID]



    I am still not having luck with any of those however.


    Any suggestion why using the Filter to exclude the tag does not work in that case?

    And any suggestions if the formulas can be modified?





  • Taylor Bowser
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Rositsa Pavlova


    Due to how tags are stored, we cannot exclude them in Explore via filters. Instead, you will need to utilize custom metrics to exclude these tags from your metrics as mentioned in this article: Reporting with Tags.

    Hope this helps! 


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