Tickets - Apps UX/UI/App Abilities: Redesign the mess to make it more user friendly, user level preferences, help apps avoid displaying useless information

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    Mayra Pacheco
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    HI Michael, 

    I hear ya! We're currently looking at how to make the ticket space more flexible to the type of tasks that you work on. Some of this includes improving the current, static, conversation focused layout that keeps important apps tethered to a hidden spot on the right. I'd love to learn more about your needs and share what's brewing to solve for them. I'll reach out in a direct email



  • Michael H
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    Thank you Mayra, i’ll be more than happy to respond to you directly after the weekend.

    What I will say here in the meantime in summary (and something I could have better articulated if I wasn’t writing this suggestion late in the evening my local time), is that the ticket view in the context of Apps needs to be better focused on:

    1) Providing the agent an environment that acts as the ‘single view’ of the customer and their relationship with the instance owners’ organisation; and designing an app model that helps this be done in a clean way - especially when data is coming from outside of Zendesk for this purpose; and

    2) Focus on providing the agent a workflow, and how Apps as tools integrate into that, which best supports proving the best customer experience possible in the least amount of time.

    The current Apps model for tickets just isn’t hitting these marks for me.


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