Assign an article to a group of people for review

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  • Scott Bury
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    I would like this functionality as well. Currently, we're using a manual Google Sheet to do a rudimentary 'round robin' but this needs to be automated as we continue to grow. I haven't yet figured out a solution to this other than subjectively assigning to Reviewers based on current availability. I, too, manage a global team -- It isn't fair to the folks that work different shifts. 


    For now, I can only imagine myself as the Content Manager assigning a block of reviews to specific agents within Guide Admin. Perhaps if we could create tickets based on articles moving to 'Ready for Review,' we could use the Round Robin to assign those, as well as enable improved collaboration and reporting between the Content Creators and Publishers. 



  • Lou Abigail Menard
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    Not sure if this workaround will help, but may I suggest, to have an Internal Category, with Internal Sections? 

    Sample outline:

    For Review Articles Category - (Internal)

     > Internal Section A (For Manager 1)

     > Internal Section B (For Manager 2)

     > Internal Section C (For TEAM C)

     > etc...


    Then in that way, you can assign your Articles internally for review to these internal sections, and for the corresponding managers/teams to check regularly. Then if your articles are Final and ready to be published, then publish it to its appropriate section already as External. 

    You Can also view these internal sections in your Guide Admin, as you 'Save Lists'.

    Hope that helps.


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