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  • Jarrayd Apelt

    Hi Susan, How did you go with this, have you been able to come up with an approach that works? I'm in the same boat.... 

  • Susan Biehl

    Hi Jarrayd,

    We still have gaps in our reporting for numbers that forward to an external number. I also have found that any calls after hours fall into the (empty value) category since you are not routed through the IVR if the call comes in outside your schedule.

    We simply define these as being Voicemails, Overflow, and other when we create our reports.

    It would be amazing if we could have more defined values, but we will wait until they become available in the future.

    We have also adjusted so not as many items go to an external number as well.

    Hope this helps!


  • Jose Resendiz

    Same here. We have over 50 lines with IVRs that consist of self-help information. We need to measure how effective adding a self-help menu (IVR) has been. Is there any reporting that can provide this?

  • Martin Holmes
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Susan, 

    The `ivr_destination_group_name` and `ivr_routed_to` fields in the Talk incremental API should give you the information you are looking for.




  • Larry Click

    I have a simple IVR

    1) Route to External Number

    2) Route to VIP group

    3) Route to General Support

    I need to make a report for how many calls go to each. The Groups are easy. The external number, not so much. Should I use a calculated attribute for this?  Formula would be [Null group] - VIP Group - General Support = External number.  

    How would I make that?

  • Elissa
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Larry Click


    You are very right that reporting on calls routed to an external number is not easy. Unfortunately this is currently a gap in our metrics for the Talk dataset. 

    I did some playing around with test calls in my test account and found some solutions that hopefully will help you get this data.

    If all of your calls ultimately end up either routed to a group (wether a live person or a voicemail for a group) or to an external number. What you can do is use the Attribute "Call IVR destination group". You will find this results in data on number of calls routed to each group and then a "null" category, call that were not routed to any group. Those "null" values represent calls routed to your external number.

    If there are other types of calls those "null" values might represent, such as overflow calls outside of business hours (mentioned in an earlier comment) you can simply add a filter to your report with the attribute "Call outside of business hours" to filter out any calls that might be attributed to that. 

    Here are the attributes that I found the most useful: (listed in this article: Metrics and attributes for Zendesk Talk)

    And here is a view of one of the ways I set it up in my test reports in case a visual is helpful:

    I hope that helps!

  • Morvan le boulanger

    Dear All,


    Same issue here. We have implemented a self/help IVR and therefore we would like to measure the effectiveness of this implementation. I can see that our total IVR abandon rate has increased, but we would need more detail to understand abandon rate by IVR selection (option 1, option2, option 3 etc). 

    Could anyone share some insight? 




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