Removing invalid chat ratings from tickets


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  • Michael H

    Hi Pamela.

    The simple answer to this question is no, you can’t remove the rating (see Measuring visitor satisfaction with chat rating -

    What you may want to do is consider a combination of actions, specifically:

    1. Turning off chat ratings,
    2. Let the Support part of Zendesk handle requesting the support rating post chat (,
    3. Educating Agents to tag these chat cases with a specific tag when they encounter a case of someone impersonating a person in your primary customer cohort, and
    4. Updating the automation that sends surveys to ignore the specific tag (

    I currently use methods two through four for ensuring tickets resulting from emails our suppliers/vendors don’t receive automated surveys or follow up communications, and the OP scenario described in the post linked to at Step 4 above is very similar to yours.

    If you do implement such a model in larger support environments, you need to back it with clear training and procedures for agents on its use; as well as ensuring managers and Quality Assurance people actively police this to prevent abuse by agents. The absolute last thing you want is the agent preventing feedback from a genuine customer when they know the quality of their support has been sub par.

  • Osnar

    For us it is very important the qualification of chats, however, we have several cases where clients enter and do not qualify the attention and also cases where they only enter and qualify the chat and disconnect, this satisfaction point is very important for people who are qualified, so evaluating this situation, we want to see the possibility of a person in charge, within our company, can cancel a qualification, this person in charge will be able to evaluate if the qualification is valid or not, thanks.


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