Sending Outbound SMS within Thread

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  • Phil Holcombe
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    Trevor, we do that using our own SMS API ( We have also developed a small integration that adds text into a comment (for our own use) using Zendesk's API. I could imagine combining them both, so agents could add a comment, have a trigger react to that comment, sending the contents via SMS, then creating a new comment ( so agents can see that the SMS was sent, without looking at events. )



    Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform

  • James Sanford
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    Hey Trevor!

     If you use the Start a text conversation with proactive outbound texts recommended configuration for Zendesk Text then the responses from your customer will automatically include the details of the ticket that was created to send the initial message to your customer so your Agents don't have to manually merge these.

    If your integration is automatically processing an API call to create a ticket for these purposes I would recommend including a data point such as a Tag that you use to exclude these tickets from sending an email notification and send that message via SMS instead.  The Trigger actions should then close the ticket that was used to start this workflow.



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