Identifying EEA Users


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  • Adam Fronteras

    Yes this would help us as well 

  • Allen Hancock

    In my experience, due to the use of VPN and users who are travelling outside of their home area, relying on IP address data won't help with GDPR concerns.

    The general consensus, as I read it,  is that multi-national companies are better off treating all users as if they are subject to the same GDPR rules.


  • Michel

    Hello Zachary,

    I have to admit, Allen is nailing it. There is no way to make sure the user is subject to GDPR if they are not explicitly saying so. The collected metadata is going to be little to no help since, as mentioned, they could be browsing behind a VPN. This would indeed throw off the information sent to you when a customer gets in touch with you.

    The only way to make sure, in those cases, would be to ask your customer.



    Technical support engineer


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