Exciting news! Use the JS API to apply label filtering to the Answer Bot Widget

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  • David Coleman
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    Awesome! This really powers our options.

  • Scott Clark
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    When I used the example code to set labels, I expected to only be able to find the few articles where I had added "world" or "hello"  as labels (i.e. a filtered subset). Unfortunately all other articles were still findable.

    What appears to be happening is that setting labels allows AB to search for those specific strings in addition to searching article text and body (the way the regular search feature on the help center works). 

    For example with the labels set as above, I can search the AB widget for "world" or "hello" and find only those articles with those labels, even though the terms are not in the title or body of the articles. Whereas searches for other terms in our kb show articles that do not have those labels

  • Mike Mortimer
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    Hi Scott, you've encountered a situation where we revert to using the search service instead of the Answer Bot model when a single word query is entered. This fallback approach skips any locale / label based filtering that's been applied for Answer Bot. Single word questions are very uncommon and not a realistic use case, they are also very hard to optimise for (because we simply don't have much context to make good recommendations). 

    I'd suggest testing a realistic example. I.e. if you added a label such as "use_for_answer_bot" to all your articles that you wanted Answer Bot to look in, then send in a more realistic query, you'll find that it'll work as expected and uses the filtering correctly.

    I agree that the single word situation isn't clear and/or ideal when doing this level of configuration - I'll work with the team to determine what the best course of action is to bring consistency here


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