Number of Replies an Agent has sent per Day (IN EXPLORE)


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  • Marty Chang

    Hi Claudia Ruffini you'll want to use submitter role for your query. The Support API docs explains the difference as follows.

    The submitter is the user who created a ticket. By default, the requester of a ticket is the submitter. For example, if your customer emails your support address, this creates a ticket with the customer as both the requester and submitter. The requester will also appear as the author of the ticket's first comment.

    However, a support agent can also create a ticket on behalf of a customer. If an agent creates a ticket through the web interface, the agent is set as the submitter.

    Full text screenshot below.

  • Nathalie Rey

    Hi Matt,

    As you want to report on ticket updates, you would want to use the Support: Ticket Updates dataset. I would advise creating a new dataset to ensure that you have the latest schema and you correctly see all the metrics and attributes.

    In your new query, you would want to use the metric "Public Comments" and apply a filter for Updater Role is Admin and Agent. This will ensure that you only see the number of public comments agents or admins added to tickets. You can then apply a filter for dates or ticket IDs to your report if you want to see the replies they added per day or further breaking it down per ticket.

    I hope the information helps! 

  • Michael

    I would love to get this figured out but am not finding a true representation of what is happening daily. The numbers, no matter what I try do not actually show the correct days.

    For example, on 10/28/19 I did not comment on a single ticket, yet it still shows as 8 for the day. So how do I break it down so I see the number according to the specific day a comment happened, not when a ticket is solved through automations or triggers.

    I just want to know how many tickets my agents are responding to daily so we can adjust as needed. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    I hope I can help you here.

    Change your row date to 'Update-Date' and you should be sorted:

  • Michael


    That may have done the trick. I will monitor and test it to make sure. Thank you so much, glad to finally get this resolved.


  • Elise Alley

    I'm trying to do something similar but not exactly the same.

    I'm wanting to create a report showing the average number of touches per ticket per agent for the current month.  This was a metric in Insights but apparently not in Explore...  Any help setting this up would be appreciated.  

  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Elise Alley,

    So I would recommend either using "Agent Updates" for any type of change the agent makes to the ticket like tags or status change or "Agent Comments" for any kind of response written the agent makes public-facing or internal. I've also shared an article that goes into further detail on recipes using agent interactions below. 

    Explore recipe: Agent interactions on tickets

    Best regards. 


  • Miriam

    Unfortunately, Graeme's suggestion doesn't do the trick. 

    I'm running into the exact same issue of not being able to report on true agent productivity because ZD automations e.g., moving a ticket from solved --> closed, are counting as 'public agent replies'. I also noticed that even internal comments would count as 'public replies' if you do a deep dive and look at every single ticket ID from your look. Reporting on agent productivity shouldn't be faulty IMO since that's the core of agent performance evaluation. 
    If I find a solution to this problem I will follow up on this thread. 

  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Miriam,

    This seems to be some unexpected behavior taking place, so I've opened up a ticket on your behalf. You should receive an email followed by a response from our development team soon. Let us know if there is any other way we can help. 

    Best regards. 

  • Claudia Ruffini


    I want to do the same thing as the original poster, but I want to split by "Inbound" tickets and "Outbound" tickets. I.e. tickets created by the end user are inbound tickets and tickets created by an agent (incl. admins) are outbound tickets. I am confused whether I need to add submitter role or requester role into the columns of the query in order to do this. Am I right in thinking that it would be the requester role?


  • Edwin

    Hey, I experience exactly the same issue as this post and replies and your solution isn't helping me sorry.


    There is no Agent Update Metric in the list:


    How hard can it be? 


    We simply need to measure the number of Touches on Explore mode - The number of Solved tickets isn't relevant, unfortunately.

    Only the number of Touches can truly tell how many tickets a given agent has been on, on a day.


    Please help ASAP


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