Is there an abbreviated way to display for example the name of the month?

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    Geoff Newell

    Hi Jacob,

    If I understood your question correctly there are 2 options to get you what you need.

    1. For when you just want to modify a single widget/query:
    - In the Query Builder when you are creating the query, select the 'Chart configuration' menu in the right hand panel then 'X axis'.  Here you'll be able to adjust the truncation of your X axis label (8 is likely what you need) to cut down the total characters in your axis label.

    2. For when you want all of your date labels to be abbreviated:
    - In the Query Builder again, select the 'Calculations' menu (Fx icon in the right hand panel) then 'Renamed set'.  Name your set e.g. Abbreviated Month and then in the drop down menu select the particular attribute you wish to rename (e.g. Created month) renaming each of the months.  Once saved, swap this new attribute in to your query for the one you originally used.

    Hope that helps!


  • Jacob Johst Christensen
    Community Moderator

    Thanks Sam 👍


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