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  • Jamie Noell

    We did finally implement our own custom field that is set by triggers to get this Received at data, but with a growing list of email addresses / teams coming into Zendesk, this is a lot of maintain.  It would be so helpful if Received at was a field in an Explore dataset.

  • Lendon Dimalaluan

    +1 We need this feature.

  • Alex Dobocan

    Hi, just wondering what sort of workaround have people found to this. We just adopted Zendesk and my manager wants to know how many 'e-mails' we received each day. We only have one inbox added to zendesk. We have the professional feature of Explore and Professional for support. We really don't need any super fancy data but even with this I struggle. In outlook I have 78 new e-mail for day X but Zendesk says I received 45 Tickets. I added another option to include reopened tickets but the number I get is still short. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. 

    Same goes for how many queries we solved. We may have replied to 100 queries but say if a ticket was reopened then we replied to it twice but it's the same ticket so it will only be counted once? 

    Sorry for sounding like an absolute rookie. 

    Thanks in advance,


  • Christopher Rome

    Alex Dobocan

    It sounds to me like you are looking at the support address and how many emails came in vs the number of tickets you have in zendesk. An email that comes in could be adding an additional comment to a ticket, thus not increasing the number of tickets, but increasing the number of emails. Similarly, reopening a ticket will not increase your ticket number but may increase the number of emails. 

    For my organization, where we primarily provide customer support and live and die by the volume of questions/tickets coming in, we look more at the amount of tickets created, solved, our backlog of tickets over time, how many of the tickets were one-touch tickets, and how long it takes for a ticket to come to its first resolution and full resolution if it gets reopened.

    You may have to reevaluate how you measure performance from more than just how many emails come in. Look into some of the premade dashboards and tabs that zendesk provides. That should provide more than enough info for you if you are just starting out.

  • CJ Johnson

    Two years and no update on the official comment? The thread about this is still jumping, this is a hotly wanted attribute.



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