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    Jeremy Seow

    Hi All,

    We've actually just added the ability to group the visitor list and visualization by department into the product.

    Do check it out and let us know if you have any feedback!

  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Kent,

    Thanks for the feedback and participating in the community. Can you let us know how you use visualizations or the visitor list today and how having it be filterable by department would help you out?

    Is it just the number of chats per department you are interested in?


  • djmiths

    Hi Ramin, 

    +1 from me on this request and also to add Department filter (multiple selections) in the Monitor view. 

    The use case is applicable for huge support helpdesks such as mine where we are supporting multiple countries from various locations across the globe. 

    I have a queue manager who will be monitoring the incoming chat volumes for each region and allocating agents to chat in real time (as we already have email and calls as other channels). In our case, we have the following support helpdesks setup on this single account

    1) EMEA Customers - Support Helpdesk in EMEA

    2) India Customers - India Helpdesk in India

    3) NA, CA, Asia Pacific - Manila Helpdesk in Philippines

    4) LA Region - Brazil and Costa Rica Helpdesks.

    Since we are online on one instance and we are setting visitor department based on location email domain, the chats are categorized according to region. However, the regional queue managers, when looking into the Monitor can see the Global Chat incoming volumes and hence it is of no use to them.



  • Kent O'Sullivan

    Hey Ramin,

    Right now we currently use the visualization to and visitor list to see how many customers we currently have online. As well as to see how many each agent has, that way we can evenly distribute the work load. However it is difficult to differ between which agent is in each department as the visualization only shows who is in each chat based off of the first two letters in the agents name. If we were to be able to sort it by department we would easily be able to see how many each agent has in each department. And we would know for a certainty which agent is which. (As it can get confusing when someone in our sales department has a name very similar to someone in our customer support department.)



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