"missed" chat when the customer has the last word

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  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Chris - 

    I checked around and people basically said "wait 10-20seconds before closing the chat." Sorry I don't have a more exciting answer than that for you - I'm hopeful that one of our awesome community members will have found a creative way to handle this sort of thing. 

  • Timur A.

    Agree with Nicole. 

  • Jolanda Jokinen

    Hey Chris,

    Did you ever get any other solution for this than waiting for 10-20 seconds before closing the chat?

    As sometimes, if the customer has a bad connection, it shows on our end that they leave the chat, but then they come back with a "thank you".  That chat then waits in the chat queue and if it's not being answered, will result in a missed chat, which is not ideal.


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