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    Eugene Orman
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone,

    We just have released an improvement for the Excel exports/schedules. From now on dashboards exported in Excel format via UI or Scheduled deliveries have multiple queries grouped in a single Excel file (one for each dashboard tab).  So, instead of generating multiple Excel files wrapped into a Zip file Explore generates separate unzipped Excel files. 

    We will continue using Zip files for the CSV Exports. If you have issues with the Zip files, please use the Excel format for your schedules and exports: 

  • Рамис Батров

    Dear Colleagues.

    I really hope that the function will be included in the next revision.


  • Reshma Patel

    We desperately need this functionality. Our security team blocks all .zip files going into outlook so the entire scheduling functionality would be useless to us if excel reports are not emailed out in .xls file.  This is currently how it works with insights and we are unable to migrate to explore without having this functionality in explore. 

  • Nick Hefty

    Hello Reshma,

    Thanks for reaching out, my name is Nick from premier support and we are happy to help with this.

    Your request sounds like something that we would need to send to the product team. I have listed some context questions for our product team and once we have your response we can create a request with them.

    Who is this for? How would it impact them?
    How many people impacted?
    How much time/efficiency is lost because of this?
    How many tickets, % of overall volume, would this be helpful on?

    Thanks for your patience and we look forward to hearing from you!

    Nick Hefty | Associate Premier Support Engineer | support@zendesk.com

  • Reshma Patel

    Hi Nick,

    My responses below:

    Who is this for? How would it impact them? This would be for all Zendesk users. Since our outlook blocks .zip files, no zendesk users would be able to schedule dashboards for delivery. 

    How many people impacted? Entire organization that we would want to share dashboards with - greater than 5,000, we plan to have at least 1000 agents alone. 

    How much time/efficiency is lost because of this? If this functionality is unavailable, I can't imagine us using Explore for enterprise reporting.

    How many tickets, % of overall volume, would this be helpful on? All Tickets

    Thanks for your patience and we look forward to hearing from you!

  • Rose Anderson
    • What is the problem? - Dashboard schedule sends a zip file for each metric in the dashboard.

    • Why is it a problem? It is extremely cumbersome to download and extract each of 10 files when it is a large dashboard, and still cumbersome if you just need to view one file. I have to make it easy for extremely busy people to view stats.

    • How do you solve the problem today? I don't have a workaround for this. png or pdf files are no good because you can't manipulate data, copy/paste and other things you might want to do with the stats.

    • How would you ideally solve the problem? I would like to just have xlsx files sent. No unzipping.

    • How big is the problem (business impact, frequency of impact, who is impacted). It really limits the use of the dashboards. Currently I have two uses that require very easy and fast access: 

      1. My agents get a daily list of all tickets modified the previous day so they can verify that enough time was logged. They are super busy and it's not convenient to download and unzip a file when you could have just opened the file right as it downloaded.

      2. Each week I send the entire dashboard to my management so we can review it during our revenue meeting. They have to unzip 10 or more files to get the excel sheets. 
  • Lior Halperin

    This is critical issue for my Organization as well. We must send reports in CSV or  xls format from Zendesk to an email address (using the scheduled reports) this email is being sent to an ftp address and processed by an external system but it cant process Zip file so the entire integration is failing 

  • Eugene Orman
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Lior, Rose & Reshma, 

    Thank you for the feedback. We are currently looking into combining multiple exported queries in one Excel file as the separate tabs. If this implementation will be successful Excel exports will not be saved in the Zip files anymore.

    I will let you know once we have an update. 

  • Lior Halperin

    That will be a life saver! thank you!


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