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  • Samuel Beckett

    I should mention that I already tried creating a custom field that would be read-only for the customer but that an agent could populate with some HTML with a link to my site.  But, the link that shows up there is not clickable so that's no good.

    I would really just like a simple hyperlink in the that would be visible to the customer so that he just clicks the link and is taken to my website.

  • Amie B

    Hi Sam,

    The quick way around this without coding anything on your HC would be to add the link as HTML within the signature on your Zendesk. That way when you reply to a customer, the link will appear in your signature at the end of the reply and show on the ticket or in the email notification. 

    More info here on agent signatures in Zendesk.

    Hopefully someone else will be able to chime in with a way on how to code something into the UI if that's what you're ultimately after. :)



  • Allen Hancock

    Hey Samuel,  would you post a screenshot of where you'd like the link to be?


    Also, let us know if using the # and ticket number works.. Zendesk interprets #1234 as an agent facing link in emails /views that an agent gets, and turns that notation into a link suitable for an end user in the HC/end user facing emails.




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