Agent "Total Online Time" reporting.


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    John Costello
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all, 

    John Costello here, I'm a Product Manager at Zendesk Explore and I wanted to give you a definitive update on all the things we are doing for Agent Performance Metrics. 

    First off I want to acknowledge all the great feedback on this thread and to assure you that we have taken all your feedback into account when thinking about how we want to shine a light on Agent Performance data. 

    In H2 of this year we plan to release 2 different ways of looking at this data:

    Live Agent Performance Data

    First off we will be building out new Agent Performance Live Metrics for our Explore Live Dashboards. This will allow Supervisors in real-time to dig into the performance of Agents working the queues in the different channels. 

    With an aligned core Agent Status also coming in H2 for Messaging, Talk and Support, Supervisors will be able to see what Agents are busy and what agents are free across all channels including Chat. 

    We are also introducing a new drill-in capability for Live Metrics where you can drill-in on an Agent state, see what agents are in that state and then drill-in on an Agent to see what they are currently working on and if they have any spare capacity.

    Historic Agent Status Data

    Secondly we will be building out a new Agent Status Historic Dataset which our customers will be able to leverage immediately through our new Agent status pre-canned Dashboard. 

    With this new Dashboard Supervisors and Agents will be able to see

    • Agent activity over a period of time which can be analyzed and used to improve service levels and agent productivity.
    • Actual activity vs. scheduled activity can be compared to assess agent performance and help make better resource forecasts in the future

    This is not the end of our plans for Agent Performance and it's really only the start so there will be much more to come. Love to hear more of your thoughts on the approach or gaps you think are "must haves" that we are missing. 

    Best Regards and stay safe everyone

    John Costello 

    Explore Product Manager

  • Brightech Customer Support

    Zendesk, please arrange for this metric to be able to be gathered and reported on, asap. It is extremely important for monitoring the simple but important stats of:

    1) How long agents were Online on phones each day (to be able to be used to to compare with their clocked-in times via our time clocks)

    2) How long agents are actually "Online" on phones vs. just ticking the "Away" button and slacking off. 

    This should have been one of the very first things you built into your Talk reporting, so that we can keep on top of our agents' commitment to phone availability. At the very least, it should be put at the top of your to-do list now please.

  • Steve Ross

    I agree with all the previous comments and believe this is the 2nd or 3rd thread that I've commented on about this. We've been looking for this for well over a year before Explore was even around.

    Until recently, the best chance you had to get a number was to 'screen scrape' the Talk Dashboard just before midnight (or after COB for call centers that closed) you would then have "Online Time" and know that it was a total of Available Time + Talk TIme + Wrap Up Time + Conf Time, and everything else was "Offline Time" and therefore unavailable to help a customer.

    When the new "Away" status was introduced we saw an immediate spike in the numbers, we knew something was different. "Online Time" now included "Away" time as well as all the previous times, however, there was not a new column added in the dashboard to quickly see or "scrape" that time off so we could calculate it. 

    Ideally, we need to be able to see  Offline/Away time so we can count that as unproductive time towards phone customers, and we need to see everything else as productive time.

    I also agree that multiple reason codes, or better yet, a simple ability to customize our 'unavailable' codes would be a huge benefit. Codes available in past lives included "break", "lunch", "meeting", "coaching", "training", "away". Once we get those, having thresholds available in the dashboard would be the next step to helping us get a global view of what is happening in the minute. 

  • Tom Skjønsberg

    We need this for chat as well. I can use the CSV files from chat analytics to get the time spent in different statuses, but the whole point of having Explore is to have all the metrics in an easy to use dashboard for reporting. Really hoping this will be available soon.

  • Trent Blakeley

    I completely agree and find a necessity for creating productivity reports to see how productive and efficient an employee is. 

  • Ryousuke Kagawa

    Agreed that this is important for measuring agents' productivity. We want to use these metrics to make sure that our agents are online for the appropriate amount of time in any given date range. You can monitor this using the dashboard in Talk, but only for the current day.

  • Trent Blakeley

    Hi Nicole,

    I apologize for the late response.  In regards to your question a few weeks back I define productivity by time servicing a customer vs other things, like research, break, excess email/chat time, time in codes for those when not actively servicing a customer. 

    I would like to see in the future other codes for chat, email, we will use away as break.  I think a meeting code would be nice to see how long an employee is spending in meetings, as well as an admin code would be nice as well for those issues that may take longer than 15 minutes to research and for miscellaneous projects assigned.  


  • Jason Martin

    Hi Nicole,

    Couple things I would really like to see in regards to this is a count and duration of when agents go into 'away' as there is currently no way to track this. I fear that we may have some agents that are going into 'away' status to lower their ACW and with no way of properly tracking this, it is leaving a huge gap in reporting needs.

  • David Garceau

    I was at the Zendesk Showcase in Dallas today and had a conversation with Mark Woolen and Martin Doettling about this topic. Martin said that it was definitely a known concern and that it was on their radar screen to be made available in Explore but I didn't get much of a timeline as to when that might be.

  • Victoria

    I also really want this information!  This is quite basic information within the Customer Services operation management arena.  When can we expect to get this?  

    We also need more state options - and ideally the ability to customise these to our own businesses. 

    Can you update us on the plans please?

  • Niels

    A +1 from my side as well; would like to have a simple metric of "hours online" or "available" in Support

  • Jane Pejanovic

    +1 here as well. We really need it in order to determine total online hours.

  • Stefan Diasti

    With the impacts of COVID-19 requiring our team to work from home, this is even more of a necessity to run our business. It is mind boggling that Zendesk has sat on this for so long without any response or release to address a fundamental need that their customers have clearly outlined and indicated as critical. 

  • David Garceau

    Hello ZENDESK, is anyone there paying attention to this need????


    To everyone on this thread, please CALL and EMAIL your rep and ask them for an answer.

    I will  be following up on it today and if enough of us actually call them and email our reps directly they might take notice. 


    This is even more important now than it has ever been!!!

    Thank you 

  • Tom Skjönsberg

    The request was made 2 years ago, for something that is considered an extremely basic metric in any CS environment. Can someone from Zendesk reply and explain what is taking such a long time for this?

  • Tina Gass

    I agree.  We are also in need of this metric.  It helps to asses full agent productivity as well as validation for payroll and attendance purposes.  Having a way to measure all online time is critical please.  Thank you!

  • BJ

    This is a report we're also looking for within Explore. More specifically, I'd like to know what time an agent logged on each day, how many hours they were available, away or offline. The ability to either dial in per day, per week, or per month.

    Is this a feature we could expect anytime soon or will it be years out?

  • Susana Zambrana

    +1 We are having a lot of issues trying to figure this out too. If you could prioritize it, it'd be wonderful!

  • Bryce Radick

    Really surprised this isn't available - online Talk agents work on emails at a completely different rate than offline Talk agents. Without this metric there's no way to compare someone who's never on phones to someone who is

  • Chris Bulin
    Community Moderator

    We are doing a coverage experiment now for phones and one of the metrics we wanted to use was time online (for talk and chat would be ideal, but at the very least for talk). It's used in conjunction with # tickets per channel, and % of tickets for each team member to determine where coaching needs to be done and what we can do to help comfort levels with phone/chat.

  • Andrew Burns

    This is my number one feature request for Zendesk.

    We also have to screenshot this data every evening which is not ideal.

  • Justin

    +1 -- Can we get an update on this feature request? This seems like something that should be reportable in Explore....

  • Kim Sillery

    absolutely agree this is a MUST have.  In order to hold our agents accountable for how they spend their time we need to be able to report on these metrics.   This data exists and we would like to be able to pull reports around this data.  I need to be able to create something that can easily be made into a report or a dashboard to share with my leadership team. 

    I agree that getting the information daily from the API in JSON format - would take a lot of manual work to then compile that data into a format that easy to read and share. 

  • Brad Taylor

    any updates from devs? 

    or is it because they want us to use tymeshift so they dont have built in storage of this data?


  • Maria Sampogna

    I would love an update, as well. This reporting is essential for our team.

  • Myush Kerai

    Also interested in this. Do we have any updates?

  • Tim van den Akker

    also +1 from my side, really need this metric to validate my agents online vs offline time. Also would like to see if we have agents available 24/7 -> so if we tell our customers to be available 24/7, is there always at least 1 agent online to meet the service levels. 

  • Oswaldo Romero Carranza

    Is it so difficult to know the amount of Online time an agent spends on Chat & Talk? 

    This is something really useful, I have several agents achieving their inbound goal (1000 calls) but whenever they reach it, they disconnect, and if I want to switch it to an online hour + % missed calls, I don't have the tools to make my team more efficient.

    Any updates on this?

  • Brightech Customer Support


    Does this mean that you will finally start working on this for us? Or is this post just another attempt at getting us to raise our hopes, and continue waiting indefinitely? What does no ETA mean - can you provide even a large, loose ETA? Are we talking a couple weeks or a couple months?

    Thank you

  • Jose Fuentes

    I am a new user of Zendesk enterprise, and if i knew this wasnt available it would have probably affect my decision of using Zendesk as a CRM, it is a MUST feature if you have a large team like mine using Chat. 

    This was brought to your attention over a year ago and I cant see an ETA.

    I have very high hopes with you guys, 


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