Skills-Based Routing: Configurable Setting to Turn off "Failover" Functionality


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  • Prakruti Hindia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Zac,

    Appreciate your detailed feedback. Sounds like your setup has certain skills which require stringent enforcement and others where failover is acceptable. I see language as a skill which requires stringent enforcement for your account. Are there others?

    From our previous conversations, I understand that the skill should be displayed as unavailable/offline if no agent with the skill is online. 

    We will consider your feedback alongside other workflow improvements planned in 2019. For an account with a simpler setup, I would have suggested creating departments which are a combination of current department setup and skills.  It would ensure stringent assignment of chats. 

    - Prakruti

  • Zac

    Language is the primary skill that requires stringent enforcement for us. We would prefer to enforce very strongly based on business line / type of product, but the very basic requirement is that the individual speak the same language as the customer.

    Thanks for recalling our previous conversations. We will consider if Department is suitable for our needs, or not. We appreciate you as always!

  • Zac

    I want to follow up on this - we are finding the need to enforce skills a lot more stringently based on contact type as well, and not only language. For example, "Sales" vs. "Support" - in some cases, I actually have to enforce very stringently on this, and would love to be able to make those a "strong" skill - i.e. if a chat requires this skill, there is no "maximum wait time" and the chat cannot be routed to another agent who does not have that skill.

    Would be glad to engage in more detail on how this should be handled on the user experience side as well!


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