Make chat visitors display more compact.


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    Yunen Yeo

    Hi all,

    We've implemented a small change that would hopefully help in showing more visitors in the list view. I know this is not everything that people discussed here, but hopefully this can help reduce wasted space.

    You are now able to hide two headers on the Visitors, both the list and visual view, and this settings will be remembered for your next login. You can see the gif below for an idea on how it would look like.

    I hope this makes the Visitors tab better for most of you. Thanks all for your patience and understanding

  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi there Matthew,

    Thanks for the great feedback. We recently made changes to the Chat dashboard to have larger rows that are more consistent with the other Zendesk products (like Support).

    This helps with readability of the content but also means less content on the page. Just so I can share your opinion on the design change with the designers, what use cases do you or your agents have that require to have a lot of visitor info on the screen? For example, do you manually do proactive chats from the visitor list or do you use it more for agent management and looking into ongoing chats?



  • Brennan Valenzuela

    I use the visitor list for queue management and agree the size of the rows are a tad bit large. 
    The tags take up a great deal of real estate.

    Feature request to hide the tags.

    Tags are well hidden in the Support product on the left side bar.

  • Al

    I agree it was so much better before the recent update. I like to watch over my visitor list and now I can see less than before so its quite a downgrade. 

    The visual layout is just a gimmicky feature of no real use at all. 

  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thanks for the feedback Brennan and AI, shared both your comments to the design team. If/when we have changes to share with you, we will reach out here.

  • Al

    Hi Ramin, I know you guys spend a lot of time going with latest UX trends and conducting your own research which is fab. 

    Maybe the best option is to have a toggle to enable/disable compact view much like Gmail has. 

  • Brennan Valenzuela

    Al makes a great point.

    Also, I feel the visitor list contains too much information. I enjoy the visual display. If we could have greater control of the visual visitor display, my concerns with the list would dissipate.

    For example:

    - ability to toggle inactive, triggered, clicked, etc (everything in the top right legend)

    - more information via mouse-over, such as how long they've been online for, or preview of the last sentence of chat

    - team statistics in the same window, avg wait time, avg talk time, etc

  • Matthew Grim

    Just to follow up with a screenshot and bit more description of the areas I see as problematic...

    Larger image link:

  • Al

    Totally agree Matthew! 👍🏻

  • Yunen Yeo



    Thank you for taking the time to visually explain the problematic areas to clarify things for us. I will discuss with the team, and see if we are able to have any short term fix for the time being.



    Thank you all for your feedback, really appreciate the civil discussions and the patience to explain your use cases to us. Do give us a bit of time, and I will provide an update to this thread as soon as I can

  • Al

    @yunen I have to hand it to you. Listening to us lot and taking the time to respond as you do is impressive. You know how to please and I need to take a leaf out of your book for my clients.


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