please allow website wise shortcuts


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  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi there Pankaj,

    Thanks for the feedback around better handling multiple brands in one account, especially with shortcuts.

    Other customers who are in a similar situation to you utilize a naming convention for each site. For example, shortcuts for site would start with "xyz-shortcut name". Have you tried this already?

    In your example, what content would change between the two sites for the /hello variable? 

    Shortcuts currently support variables like:

    • {{visitor_name}} – Visitor’s name
    • {{visitor_email}} – Visitor’s email
    • {{visitor_city}} – Visitor’s city
    • {{visitor_country}} – Visitor’s country
    • {{visitor_browser}} – Visitor’s browser
    • {{agent_name}} – Agent’s name
    • {{agent_email}} – Agent’s email

    Would adding the website domain as a variable solve your problem? Or the differences much more complicated that they would require seperate shortcuts?



  • pankaj arya

    Adding variable for website will also help a lot.
    Having 1 more variable product name can do wonders.
    As we sell different product from different sites.

    I recently tried
    They are dam slow and not user friendly. But they have a good feature of adding variables as global and with site name
    Common shortcuts goes in global. Specific shortcuts like download path of software, payment link etc goes in respective site shortcuts.

  • Shashank Johri

    Hello Pankaj

    We have opened up Early Access Program for Shortcut Enhancements. Now you can create personal shortcut, department shortcuts and global shortcuts. Apart from these there are many more functionalities we are including in this beta. Please sigh up. 


  • Shashank Johri

    Hi Everyone 

    We are pleased to announce the launch of Shortcuts Improvements. Please refer to the following announcement post.
    The feature is available now. 



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