Report for replies sent by agent by hour (either for a day or average for a period)


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  • Louise Dissing

    Hi Alex,

    It sounds like you're trying to create this report in Insights and not Explore, is that correct?


    If you've switched to Explore here's the recipe for creating the reports you're requesting:

    The number of replies sent by agent by hour for a day

    1. Choose SUM(Agent replies) as metric

    2. Choose Ticket updated - hour as a column, exclude 0 and edit the daterange to the range you wish.

    3. Choose the visualization you want and you'll get this result: 

    The average number of replies sent by agent by hour:

    I've created almost the same report as above, just with the average and overall history:

    1. Choose AVG(Agent replies) as a metric

    2. Choose Ticket updated - hour, exclude 0 replies and choose all history.

    3. Choose your visualization and you'll get this result, which will show the avg replies pr. hour over all history:


    I hope this helps you! :-)

    #helpsome regards,
    Louise Dissing
    Team Lead @

  • Sprout Social, Inc.

    Thanks, Louise! I should have updated that I got this figured out (using Insights, we have a lot of data and Explore is pretty slow for us right now). The ticket updated time indicates the last time the ticket was updated, so it's not an accurate reflection of when a single reply on a ticket was sent.

    My Insights report for this is:

    • What = # Ticket Updates
    • How = Hour of Event, Updater
    • Filter = updater role is agent or admin, comment is present, public comment is true

    For averaging, I just exported this report and divided the entries by the number of days in the time period I was looking at.

  • Louise Dissing

    Hi Alex,

    Nice to hear that you've solved this on your own!

    When you migrate to Explore, you'll be able to apply almost the same logic to your reports over there, but if you're in doubt about anything, feel free to reach out!

    Have a nice day :-)


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