Allow for more flexibility when defining SLAs

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  • Dan Cooper
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    Hi Susan, 

    Some ideas on how to measure minor misses without penalizing your team: 

    • Review SLA Breach Time - This metric can help you understand how far you breach on a ticket.  If it's under 5 minutes on a ticket, you might ignore it.  If you see that it happens on 90% of your tickets, maybe it's something worth addressing. 
    • Consider using Due Dates instead of SLAs - You'll lose some SLA reporting, but you can build in options to report on if your tickets exceed the due date of your tickets.  Using an automation to add a tag, this can help make sure that you can report on those tickets that exceed your designated due date expectations. 

    I would personally love to see some additional SLA tracking types.  There are workflows that the SLA feature as is works wonderfully for.  Others, not so much.  I would love to see an SLA that let me set it based on the due date.  If the due date (and time!) passes, it breaches.  Alternatively, having days with an by end of day option would be great for workflows that just need to accomplish all tasks that came in before the day completes. 

  • Susan Maher
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    Dan I agree with you.  I am able to do a lot with due dates, triggers, automations, tags, etc.  But that is adding more complexity to an already complex implementation of Zendesk.  This is a built in feature that can be improved.  I agree with you.  It would be perfect to add a choice to have tracking by a due date. 


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