Full name appearance in a nested drop down Ticket Field

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  • Thomas de Silva
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    Hi Shrey.

    You can solve it by writing DEF:: DEF 123, but why do you want the category shown?

    #helpsome regards,
    Thomas de Silva
    Zendesk Consultant @ helphouse.io

  • Shrey Rajput
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    Hi Thomas,

    Appreciate your quick response here.

    I did think of this. The names involved in my list is quite lengthy. This would make the sub-options much more lengthy. Is there any other solution?

    If you consider the Assignee option:

    Suppose we have 2 categories:





    As you can see, shrey is a part of both support and admin. If you select Shrey from the admin options, it is displayed as Admin/Shrey and not just Shrey. This is the kind of solution I am hoping for.

    The reason why I need is because a certain sub-option might appear in multiple options.






    Now if we select 123, we need to know if its a part of ABC or DEF?

  • Dan Cooper
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    Each drop down also adds a tag to the ticket.  You could use the tag to help you determine the correct selection.  Otherwise, Thomas' idea is what I would use.  Make the last option as specific as you need to be shown, even if it adds some redundancy. 


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