SLA Reporting at Agent level

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  • Terry Knox

    This is must have functionality for reporting! Surely setting agent KPIs around SLA adherence is pretty basic stuff? 

  • Pete Holborow



    Historical reporting on a ticket's journey is a must.

  • Gordon Foster

    This is functionality I'd expect from a tool like Zendesk, could do it in ServiceCloud

  • Anthony Garcia Jr.

    Improving service delivery and staff performance is difficult if we dont have this capability. Please make it happen! Thank you in advance! 

  • Sara Gardinier

    Agreed, I would love to have this more drilled down level of reporting for Agent SLA vs Ticket SLA.

  • Mariliam

    This is a must! About to embark in outsourcing and I cannot get this data rolling out in Explore, and it is a requirement from the vendor! Any idea if this will be happening?

  • Jay Kelley

    I would agree.  This would be an important metric to improve staff performance.

  • Adam Pepper

    This is key for us, too.

    We need to be able report on which Agent replied to a ticket first, in order for 1st Reply Time to be a statistic we can learn from.

  • Drey Tee

    Totally agree with all commenters. Explore still lack such feature.
    Please prioritize the task to implement this faster

  • Alex

    Adding my name to this one. We'd like to be able to report on SLA status by updater - using assignee is the closest we can do, but it's not really useful at all.

  • Kenneth Chan

    Bumping this as well. Is there a way I can create a report in explorer to track SLA achievement/breaches at the agent level?

  • Aaron Henderson

    Definitely hoping for this functionality. SLAs based on agent is something we really need to be able to find. Thanks!


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