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  • Amber Schemmel

    Hi Sandra,

    In the Tickets dataset, where the "% Satisfaction score" metric resides, there unfortunately is no built-in attribute for satisfaction rating dates, and this is where the solved date gets used.

    In the Ticket Updates dataset is where you will be able to find an "Update -  date" where a satisfaction was initially set and/or updated. However, that dataset does not contain the built-in "% Satisfaction score", you can only see the ratings/changes and dates of ratings/changes based on those Update - dates.

    If you have a screenshot of something you made in Insights that you are trying to replicate in Explore, I can try to build it in Explore and provide a better recipe!


  • Sandra M

    Hi Amber.  So we are already underway to creating something in Explore where we 

    1) Via Result Metric Calculation:  Create total good satisfaction:  COUNT(Good initial satisfaction ratings)+COUNT(Bad to good satisfaction ratings)-COUNT(Good to bad satisfaction ratings)

    2) Via Result Metric Calculation:  Create total bad satisfaction: COUNT(Bad initial satisfaction ratings)-COUNT(Bad to good satisfaction ratings)+COUNT(Good to bad satisfaction ratings)

    3) Via Result Metric Calculation:   We then create the CSAT% (COUNT(Good initial satisfaction ratings)+COUNT(Bad to good satisfaction ratings)-COUNT(Good to bad satisfaction ratings))/(COUNT(Good initial satisfaction ratings)+COUNT(Bad initial satisfaction ratings))

    We then add update year (as a row) and ensure the change field satisfaction_score is filtered (to only see the first or most recent update of CSAT)

    On an annual basis the numbers are pretty aligned

    But when we go on to break this down by Update Assignee we start to see some weird results when the assignee was "null" at the time the CSAT was given (see Jane S for example).  



    We have fixed the trigger which was causing this problem but how would we make our CSAT% calculation more accurate?

    Based upon this we would then go on to also create the % surveyed and % response rates 



  • Amber Schemmel

    Hi Sandra,

    I am going to pull this into a ticket! Thanks!

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

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