Feature Request - Ability to edit closed tickets

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  • Billie Harland

    This is a serious product gap and undermines what limited value Zendesk has for reporting on ticket trends or historical support engagement (especially using outside systems). I see that post '203421476' has had it's comments blocked, is Zendesk product not engaging on this any further?

    I understand that new features close new deals but having a pretty substantial amount of tickets synced to the wrong orgs seriously compromises ticket history/trend reporting. Without the ability to fix those as an admin by changing the orgs on the closed tickets, our only options are to ask you (which appears fruitless) or start scoping other tools.

    Using Zendesk as part of a holistic approach to engagement is not optional, please reconsider abandoning the idea of admins being allowed to administrate their ticket data (i.e. edit basic fields on closed tickets).

  • Florian W.

    I fully agree with Billies post.

    We also need the possibility to edit tickets that are closed.

    Especially changes like changing the organization if it was not assigned correctly.

    Maybe Zendesk could implement it for Enterprise customers only so they might have a $$$$ plus for more people changing to enterprise?!

  • Wayne Smith

    This is a must


  • Bill Anderson

    Agreed. We have numerous tickets incorrectly marked as Problems which skews historical analytics requiring us to always remember that the data is not accurate.  I fully realize that these should have been properly categorized upon creation, but I just started at this job a few weeks ago.  I didn't have eyes on the ticket creation process until now and have no way to correct the data my superiors are relying on me to provide.  This requires extra effort, explanations, conversations, and asterisks that could be completely avoided if I could only edit this one field on closed tickets.

    Further, it makes no sense that as an admin I can delete these tickets, but I cannot go back and correct them.

  • Billie Harland

    The most absurd part is that this has been an issue for 12 YEARS:

    ... with hundreds of responses noting how important it is to be able to edit archived tickets. Despite that, Zendesk seems doggedly determined not to fix this product defect.

  • Tom Shaddock

    Especially changes like changing the organization if it was not assigned correctly.

    Totally agree here with this point - its a bit of a nightmare you cannot assign an organisation to a user for a ticket that's already been marked closed, there's no ability to clean up any old data if the organisation wasn't assigned to a user at the time of ticket closure. This is resulting in wrong reporting metrics now sadly :(

    If the UI made this clear this is a restriction that would at least be a start - to me it just looked like a bug and took a little while to figure out what was going on here and why the organisations weren't being applied and why stuff was missing in the Explore reports.

  • Robert De La O

    Agree with all of the above. We really need to be able to edit the organization on a closed ticket. We had tickets that were misassigned and we want to be able to correct this inaccuracy.

  • Eckhard Doll

    Agreed! It's ridiculous that we are not allowed to edit our own content (it's our tickets and our customers after all).

  • Justyna Pultowicz

    Also in need of this!

    Case: I am letting the team keep track on what tickets will need a KB article. This is done via a field in the form (Needs KB article, toggle on/off). I can then use this field on making reports for example as well in the Explore dashboard.
    Once tickets are closed, I can not modify this toggle any more to be off once an article has been written.
    Meaning I will need to now manually disable those tickets in my Explore dashboard so they are not shown up as still needing a KB article!

  • Nazir Kabbani

    Workaround? create a automation the opens then solves tickets every 20 days so they never stay solved for 28 days until the cut off of your choosing (repeat 20 days automation many times?)

  • Ibrahim Aqqad

    at least make this possible Via API. it should be straight forward to implement this via API


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