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  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    I do not believe you can email queries. But when scheduling dashboards, you should have the option for various file formats.

  • Elise Doherty


    Thanks for raising this.

    I am also very surprised to see you cannot email a single query. This is a basic feature of Insights that will be very much missed. A dashboard simply isn't doing the job for us - it is unreadable with long tables and just adding noise to the list of dashboards as we need to share different single reports with different teams/people on a weekly and monthly basis. I really hope this will considered as part of the roadmap for Explore!


  • James Freeman

    Agreed Elise, due to this limitation we are now having to pay for an extra 3 licenses to allow access to the required information outside of a dashboard. Frustrating really as this is a 25% increase in our license count I believe.

  • Viorica Pop

    Hi - 


    We are heavily relying on this feature. We share reports on a daily basis with other departments.

    Is there any update on this feature?


  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Viorica, 

    Scheduling a dashboard remains the only way to send reports at this time. 

  • Tina Yates

    I deliver tens of queries per day what is the workaround?  Dashboards are not helpful to me they only add extra time to my daily job.  Is there any enhancement that will address this.    We are being forced to use this product we should at the very least be able to do something as simple as email out queries.

  • Amanda Black

    I agree with the above. Especially Tina. With being forced to move from Insights, it would make sense that Explore should be able to do at least the basics of what Insights can do. I know there are some benefits to explore over insights, but so far I just keep running into brick wall after brick wall.

  • Elise Doherty

    Hi Nicole,


    Is there any reason why this feature is not being considered at this time? Understanding ZenDesk's reasoning when users are identifying a clear need for it would help us swallow the pill. I haven't started in the migration because until I know whether we will be able to organise in folders and send by emails, I simply cannot decide what it should look like. If these two basic functionalities are not an option, we will stop using most reports and find other ways to get the data we need.


  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Elise - 

    The product team has not indicated whether or not it is under consideration at this time. My statement above is simply that the behavior has not changed to date. 

    We'll reach out to the product managers and see if there is anything they can share. 


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