How do you display Banner image from hero-unit only on Home-Page ?


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  • Ifra Saqlain
    Community Moderator

    Hey Benoit,

    Yes it's possible. If your hero banner code exist only on home_page.hbs template  then your hero banner will be show only on your home page.


    See this image ,  hero banner code exist only on home page. So hero image will be show only on home page. this code not exist any other page.

    And this is hero banner image css code on stylesheet. See line no. 738. banner image only for home page.


    If you want to show hero image on category page which is different from home page hero banner then follow these steps:

    Step 1 : Add banner image in your help center . Click Add asset and select image.


    Step 2 : After adding image click image then you will see this .

    Note: Copy image of css if you use for stylesheet.


    Step 3 : Now add hero banner on category page so see the image , class name is different for category page.


    Step 4 : Add code on stylesheet to fix hero banner , see line no 738. 


    If you want to add different - different image for every page then you can add like this.


    If any issue let me now :) 


    Thank You

    Team Diziana

  • Dawn Anderson



    This was a brilliant tip for a newbie like me :) Thanks!

    If I wanted to have a different image for each category, what I would need to include so it pulled through please?




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