AVG/MED Calendar First Reply Times are higher than AVG/MED Full Resolution Times

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  • Amy Dee
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    Hi Patrick! You're on the right track - the issue is likely from tickets that are solved without an agent reply.

    When a ticket is solved without any public response from an agent, the first reply time metric is null, while the full resolution time metric gets a value. That means the ticket will count for AVG/MED resolution time metrics, but it won't count in corresponding reply time metrics.

    This split is most obvious if you have a workflow that immediately solves certain subsets of tickets. Those tickets get very short (or 0) resolution times with no reply times, so it pulls the resolution metrics down while ignoring the reply metrics.

    To confirm the cause in your case, I recommend auditing your results for a period with a big difference between the two metrics. Display resolution and reply times for each individual ticket, making sure that both metrics leave null values blank instead of displaying a 0. (Our default metrics display null values as 0, so you'd need to adjust the metric formatting.) That should help you find the relevant workflows.

    I hope this helps! Happy reporting!


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