Removing Archived Tickets

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  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    Hi Nico, 

    You might be able to accomplish this via an application on the marketplace.  The GDPR - Search and Destroy application allows you to setup search parameters that can be used to delete tickets automatically when an admin is logged in.  It's a paid app, so you'd need to assess cost vs time. There may be other apps as well that do similar functions that could assist in helping you clear out older tickets. 

  • Rebecca Hicks

    Seconded. There needs to be a way provided to us to bulk delete archived tickets. As is, they cannot appear in views so there is no way to even bulk select them.

    Having a paid application that can do this is a workaround maybe, but it is not a solution. We are already paying for the system and this should be a basic functionality for admins.


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