Sending a Scheduled Query in Explore

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  • Bill Cicchetti

    I also would like to see this functionality added.  IMO its not realistic to have create an entire new dashboard in order to get one report/query sent to a group or an agent on a scheduled basis.  This can lead to a slew of dashboards with no real purpose except to schedule one report

  • pstrauss

    Agree with this sentiment. We need to have the ability to schedule the output of individual queries on a regular basis - and we need to do this in Excel or CSV formats.

  • Patricia Hayashi


  • Jon Braga

    This functionality existed in Explore several months ago but was taken out. I've got a queries that I setup 7 months ago where I receive an email daily. Now this report is orphaned because I have no way to change the schedule. I don't dare change the query for fear of it no longer working.

    I reached out to support and they didn't seem to know this was ever possible.





  • Viorica Pop

    We currently use this feature a lot in Insights. Please add this back!


  • Carsten Hartmann

    I really would like this feature also. I use a phrase "Technology works for you, you do NOT work for technology". A good system lets you configure something and it does it. In this case we create a report in Zendesk Explorer but WE the customer has to spend time and manually go pull a report.  No!   Create the queries, set a delivery time and make it possible to have it delivered as a dashboard an excel file for further in-house data manipulation. 

    Furthermore, not automating results, ensures staff have to spend time every time or worse, management wants a report but only one staff member knows how this works.

    I make these comments a lot. companies make a tool that should help but never finish the logical parts.Common sense is not that common. 

    For that reason and many other reasons, we have staff pull the raw zendesk data and in-house we built our own SQL system. This way Zendesk can change and remove features all they want, as long as we get the raw data we do not need the rest.

    I hope a Zendesk person sees this post and someone will wake up.  There are no bad ideas, if you want it build it. get the raw data and build your own database in SQL or simply use MS access or hire a consultant to build the queries and automate these against the raw zendesk data.

  • Stacey Horowitz

    This is truly an issue for our organization.  We need to send a report that marks unsolved tickets as of a certain date, but may not be reviewed until a later date. If we send a dashboard, the report will update each day.  Additionally, we have many queries that need to be sent on their own dashboards. This has caused our dashboard list to be extremely long.  Please consider making this change. Thank you!

  • Kristyn Thomas

    Another vote!

  • fellownarrator

    This would be a good feature to have as the alternative is to move the query you want to schedule to a dashboard, which is bulky and messy.

  • Kyligence

    vote for this feature, no need to set up a dashboard only for a query.

  • Peter Lloyd

    Or even to send just a tab in a dashboard would work.
    I have team members receiving multiple queries they have no need for

  • Bill Cicchetti

    Could someone at Zendesk provide an update on this request? i.e. is it on the road-map?

    If so is there a general ETA?

    This lack of functionality could serious effect how we plan to roll out Explore to the Agents and Managers that used this functionality in Insights.  This especially affects our CSM's that request weekly reports for specific clients they manage.

    Thanks in advance

  • Mario Carroll

    +1 on this! 

  • Eugene Orman
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone, 

    Thank you for the awesome feedback and our apologies for the belated reply. 

    We are working on a number of improvements for the Export exports and scheduled deliveries however scheduling individual queries is not one of the features we will be focusing on in the near feature (next 9 months). We will keep this feature request in our product backlog and will consider implementing this functionality at the later stage. 

    One of the planned features which potentially will improve report scheduling with your teams or individual agents is the Dynamic dashboards. This feature will allow filtering dashboards in accordance with the user who consumes data from the dashboard.  Here is the related feature request:  Request to get 'Variable filters' working in Explore.

  • Vladimir Petrushenka

    Hi Eugene Orman

    Thanks for the update, much appreciated. 

    Would you be able to clarify: 

    1. Will we be able to schedule them to end users? 

    2. Do you have an approx timeline as when the feature will be released? We rely on scheduling to external users quite a lot(to our partners) and would be great for us to know when roughly we could start using so we don't invest into alternative options in the meantime. 

    Thanks a lot for working on this! 

    PS ( I've posted this question initially in the other forum thread so re-posting this here. You might have couple notifications as I've tagged you there, sorry!) 

  • John Tieu

    +1 on this

    This is a huge step backwards from functionality with GoodData

  • Eugene Orman
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Vladimir Petrushenka

    Dashbooard sheduling with the end-users is already available as part of the Explore Enterprise and Legacy plans. So, you should be able to enable it in the Explore admin section:


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