I would like to add/have an escalate button within support tickets for the customer


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  • Alexander Popa
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Arjan!

    The easiest way to achieve this workflow would be to coach your customers to ask for their request to be escalated if they're not entirely satisfied with the support that they have received.

    You can add a trigger, that would check if the the word "escalate" is in the ticket. The trigger will assign the ticket to a Manager's group and this will notify all the Agents in that group.

    You can add another condition, where an email will be sent to the requester of the ticket and confirm that the ticket was escalated to the Manager's group:

    You could also set up a workflow based on bad CSATs. This would allow managers to get emails alerting them to potentially problematic tickets. You can find more details in this Community tip.

    This would be required, as you wouldn't be able to add a tab against the Requests page that would escalate the ticket to the desired group.

    I hope this helps!

  • Arjan Vermeulen

    Thanks, Ill have a look at this but I do not believe it's an option to instruct customers to type the word escalate. This should be easy for them by just pressing a button.


    Arjan Vermeulen

  • Acenerate

    Hello Arjan -

    You may be interested in our Marketplace app, Klick-Zen - it does exactly what you are asking.  You have the ability to create a button to add to customer emails, that can take a variety of actions on the ticket.

    Check out our app for more information:




  • Arjan Vermeulen

    Thanks Acenerate! Looks like this could be very helpful. I will certainly look into this.


    Arjan Vermeulen


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