How do I get the number of posts on a particular topic?


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  • Maggie Ungerboeck
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    Hi Robbie,

    I'm not technical so my help is limited but wanted to share what we have in case it of assistance to you.

    We have this same concept on our home page but we call them "replies" instead of post.

    This is the code  I see on the home_page.hbs (based on the Copenhagen theme) for this:

    <a :href="post.html_url" class="communitysections-links">{[{post.title}]}</a>
    <p class="votes-comments-follows"><span class="communitysections-comments">{[{post.comment_count}]} Replies</span></p>

    I don't see anything in our script.js file around replies so from what I can tell, it's all handled in the home_page.hbs.

    Hopefully that is some kind of help!



  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Thanks so much for sharing your solution, Robbie Carew. Do you mind if I move it over to the User Tips & Tricks topic? 

  • Robbie Carew
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    That is more than fine with me Nicole :)


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