url/product identification shown in web widget contact form and submission to zen

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  • Amie B
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    Hey Stuart,

    By default, the web widget includes the page URL on the ticket itself when it comes through into the Zendesk after the user has submitted their request via the form. 

    Screenshot from this link: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115009724228-Adding-custom-tags-to-Web-Widget-tickets-from-specific-pages

    If the URL isn't coming in by default then something unusual may be going on. 

    However, aside from the URL, you could also look at using some custom javascript to tag incoming tickets depending on which page they are on, on your site. The tag would then be an indication to the agent of what the request is based on or where it's coming from. 

    You could also then build a custom field that has the same tags in it in a drop-down menu. If a tag is populated in the tags box on a ticket, which matches a value in a custom drop-down field, then the value in the field will set automatically based on the tag. This could be another way to visualize to your agents where the request is coming from. 

    At the bottom of this article here is a section on how to add tags to tickets from specific web pages where your web widget is visible. 


    Hopefully, this will help as a solution for your needs here. :)




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